10 Style Lessons From the Best Supermodels in the World

Catwalk beauties fascinate us not only with their grace and spectacular appearances but also with an impeccable sense of style. How do they look so gorgeous 24/7?

We at Bright Side decided to find out how to make your look perfect and be like a supermodel in no time.

10. Opt for basic items.

When supermodels aren't at work, they mostly wear the plainest of things that everyone has in their wardrobes: light-blue jeans and white T-shirts. Simple doesn't always mean tasteless.

9. Black from head to toe is a foolproof solution.

However weird it may sound, black always hits the bullseye. It's perfect for those who dislike spending hours on end choosing what to wear. In black, you'll always look stylish and elegant.

8. Sneakers are a model's best friend.

It's no secret that a model is no longer seen as a pretty chick in 6-inch heels and with a perfect hairdo. Today's fashion divas choose comfort: they happily put on their favorite sneakers after shows, and those can be combined with anything from dresses to sports pants.

7. A leather jacket is another must-have item.

There are leather jackets for all tastes. The more different ones you have, the higher your chances of creating a stylish look in a few minutes. And it's nice to wear anything from your basic wardrobe under it, be it a white T-shirt or a classic dress.

6. Don't be afraid of oversized clothes.

Elaborate carelessness is the perfect option for those who love style mingled with comfort. Don't hesitate to wear your favorite jeans with a sweatshirt or shirt a size or 2 larger, adding some accessories to boot.

5. Find your own perfect jeans.

The permanent favorite item of any modern model is jeans. Those slim beauties prefer high-waisted ones that accentuate the hips and make the belly look flat. A crop top and rough ankle boots will complement the image.

4. Male style gives confidence.

Ties, men's shirts, and rough footwear become confident ladies very much. Such clothes create a balance between delicate female charm and force of character.

3. Opt for subtle makeup.

When not on the catwalk, models prefer natural looks and don't use heavy makeup. Try applying the bare minimum because the best makeup is the one you can't see.

2. Wear sunglasses to complete a stylish look.

Sunglasses are indispensable in sunny weather. They complement the image and add a supermodel flair. Most importantly, choose frames that best fit your face shape. Here you can pick the optimal shape.

1. Bring out the best in your appearance with dresses and accessories.

Add a small hint of glitter to your image, such as elegant earrings, a tender chain with a delicate charm on your neck, or a designer handbag. To look stunning at a social function, opt for a shoulderless dress with a fitted top or a dress with a deep cut. Note that the latter goes best with a longer skirt to preserve correct proportions.

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