10 Things It’s Time to Purge From Your Closet

"You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes" — said Vivienne Westwood. There's some truth to it: even if a new pair of shoes won't turn your life upside down (despite Cinderella's story), they could dramatically improve your mood and confidence. But boring, dull, and old clothes will only spoil your look. The best thing that you can do with those clothes is get rid of them.

Bright Side created a list for you of clothes that don't look good on anyone and should not take up space in a woman's closet.

10. Things that almost everyone owns

Mass-market turns fashion trends into fashion epidemics. We all remember the annoying UGG boots, knitted boots, and "hoof" shoes. Not only do these lack individuality, but they don't look as stylish as they used to. Should you really spend your money on them?

9. Clothes that don't really fit your body type

Your clothes should hide your body's imperfections, not highlight them. Mini dresses could be at the height of fashion, but if they don't fit your body type, they'll make you look ridiculous and awkward. The same rule applies to clothes that don't fit your size. A black pencil skirt is a must-have-item in every wardrobe but if the skirt slit is holding on by a thread, it's time to get rid of it.

8. Low-quality clothes and shoes

Crystals, leopard prints, and bright neon colors that appear on the lists of the most tasteless clothes could in fact look really good on you. You just have to make sure that these clothes are made of high-quality materials. You can't look charming in a dress made with poor quality fabrics and shoddy seams, or with material that reminds you of plastic to the touch. It's actually not about the leopard print after all.

7. Revealing clothes

Сlothes that show other people everything that you should be hiding are considered inappropriate. They look more like they belong at the beach and most of the time clothes that are too revealing look vulgar - end of story.

6. Souvenir T-shirts

Do you like to travel and explore the world? Great! Should your T-shirt tell other people about this hobby? Nope. It's better to wear these clothes when you're grocery shopping or when you're at home.

5. Clothes that you haven't worn for over a year

A dress that's waiting for the right occasion, a pair of shoes that's only good for one outing, and a boring shirt that you bought on sale out of boredom - all these things have been gathering dust on the shelves waiting for their finest hour for years. Get rid of them and buy something that you like and feel comfortable wearing every day.

4. Worn out clothes and shoes

If your white t-shirt isn't pure white anymore, or your sweater has stretched out and is covered in pills, or your bag has worn out, it's high time to throw these things away. Worn out clothes and shoes look sloppy, untidy, and can even spoil the most sophisticated and elegant look.

3. Age-appropriate clothing

Tops with provocative prints and puffy skirts can't make an adult woman look stylish and elegant. Just like 16-year-old girls can't pull off velvet dresses with low necklines. You might want to make some changes in your wardrobe if your clothes look like those of a teenager.

2. Wrong type of underwear

Every woman has to master the art of choosing the right bra. First, good and tastefully chosen underwear makes you feel more confident. Second, these basics act as the foundation to your outfit, and are much more comfortable once you find the right fit. Finally, they can make you feel very beautiful knowing you have something pretty underneath your clothing.

1. Dull clothes

Wearing a white shirt with a black skirt, no sneakers with dresses, and matching your shoes with your bag — these are the fashion rules that you see in most of today's magazines. They're all are outdated. Don't be afraid to experiment with your look, think outside the box, and the result will be gorgeous!

What other things would you never want to wear? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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