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10 Trendy Hair Colors of 2019 That Can Make You Want to Change Your Look

Just like the fashion industry as a whole, hair color trends always change. In 2019, the main trends say that your hair shades should either be natural or unusual and creative. According to Redken’s Global Color creative director, only soft and refined bright colors will be popular.

Bright Side likes experiments and new trends. So we’re ready to suggest some hair colors that will be the new black next year.

10. Natural color

In 2019, natural shades will be really popular. There’s a belief that the color you were born with suits you the most, so this color will be just perfect. By the way, you can always change your natural color by intensifying a certain tone or mixing it with other shades.

9. Cold dark colors

Cold shades are always trendy. In the past, they were extremely popular among blondes, but today, even girls with dark brown hair have the opportunity to try cold hues. These colors suit girls with light skin tones the best.

8. Cognac and cinnamon colors

In 2019, deep colors will also be popular. Cognac and cinnamon shades are the perfect choice since they don’t need any special treatment and have an interesting chameleon effect: they look different indoors and outdoors. Don’t confuse reddish cinnamon hues with darker chocolate tones. If you want to try a bold red color but still have doubts, cinnamon and cognac shades are just what you need.

7. Buttery and creamy colors

Blondes will also have an opportunity to experiment with their hair. Golden hues will be the most popular: consider ditching your icy blonde for a warm, creamy shade. We can’t say that platinum blondes aren’t trendy anymore but they definitely have a competitor now. By the way, grey hair colors are starting to lose ground.

6. All shades of red

In recent years, all hair colors have been trendy, except red. In 2019, everything’s going to change and all shades of red will be popular: from bronze to cold northern tones. But you should be attentive: make sure your hair isn’t too porous to hold this color — it can fade really fast.

5. Bright red colors from the 90s

In 2019, extremely bright red hues will be a hit again. The best style for these colors is smooth and straight hair. If you choose this bright color, you should take care of it on a regular basis. Get some products for color-treated hair and don’t forget to visit your hairdresser from time to time.

4. Rose gold colors

This hue suits blondes just perfect. Even if you don’t like to dye your hair, you’ll probably love these rose and gold shades since their intensity can be adjusted. If you like the pink color more, you can make it deeper and brighter and if you prefer the golden hues, you can add more golden highlights.

3. Silvery blue and lavender colors

Elegant silvery blue and lavender shades are great for those who don’t want to harm their hair but want to change their style. These colors suit girls with dark skin tones and brown eyes. If you choose this color, keep in mind that it’s rather complicated and an unexperienced hairdresser won’t be able to execute it very well. What’s more, purple hues look great on healthy hair only. Otherwise, it’ll get dull fast.

2. Balayage

This technique was created by French colorists and became popular around 2 years ago. Balayage usually suits blondes and girls with light brown hair who want to make their hair look more voluminous with the help of different color mixes. The biggest advantage of balayage is that it’s really long-lasting. This means that your hair will look great even when your roots grow out. The best hair length for balayage is medium (slightly below shoulder blade.)

1. Cream soda

Cream soda is a new hair dyeing technique that will be extremely trendy in 2019. At first glance, one’s hair just looks light, but in fact, this technique is a good mix of beige and gold tones. By the way, it’s almost universal: cream soda suits both girls with light and dark hair. As a result, you get a smooth and warm color with nice accents.

Have you already decided which color you’re going to try next year?