10 Tricks Women Can Use to Instantly Solve the Most Awkward Situations

Visible panty lines, messy hair and slippery shoes can turn the best moments into the most embarrassing ones. The good news is that we can escape these awkward moments gracefully by implementing some tricks that can immediately fix the situation.

We at Bright Side also know how it feels to be in awkward situations and found some tricks that can help you to avoid them.

1. Panty lines that won’t bother you

It’s so disappointing when you put on your favorite dresses, skirts or pants only to realize that you have visible panty lines from the back. And if you see them, chances are other people will to.

Instead, invest your money and get some good shapewear. It will be your best friend, especially when wearing delicate fabrics. Whether you want to wear your panties underneath your shapewear is up to you, it all depends on your own personal preference.

And if you need an immediate fix, just cut up a pair of tights and use them as shapewear.

2. Turn your dirty hair into a hot hairstyle.

Dirty, messy hair can be caused by anything, whether it be a windy day or the fact that you simply didn’t feel like washing your hair. But what happens when you need to look gorgeous but have no time for a shower?

Just make yourself a glam look! Brush all your hair back using some hair mousse and you’ll look like a celebrity in no time.

3. Slippery shoes won’t spoil your moment.

If you’re going to a party or have a hot date, you’ll definitely wear some nice shoes. But sometimes good-looking shoes are incredibly uncomfortable, especially if they’re new. The soles can be very slippery and the chances of you falling down are huge.

To fix this, use hot glue. Stick it to some part of the sole underneath your shoe and the problem will be solved.

4. Stinky pits are in the past.

Use lemon to cure stinky pits. It’s an old remedy that effectively kills bacteria. Take a fresh lemon, cut it and rub your underarms with it. Then take a shower or wash your pits after letting the juice dry on your skin. Doing this once a day will help get rid of body odor.

5. No more smelly shoes!

It’s not nice when you take off your shoes and it smells like you were running for a week without stopping. Simply put some baking soda in the shoes before you go somewhere so it will absorb all the odor and sweat.

6. Use deodorant for your T-zone.

When it’s hot and humid, your makeup often feels like it “swims away” from your face. Some bloggers suggest using deodorant as a primer. Yes, deodorant.

But be sure that the product is made with natural ingredients as not to harm your facial skin.

7. Forget about “sticky skirts” by using hair spray or deodorant.

You may look and feel awesome but after walking a couple of miles, your skirt can start to stick to your legs. Unfortunately, it’s static electricity that’s spoiling your moment.

In case you don’t have a special antistatic product on hand, apply some hair spray or deodorant to your clothes just before going out.

8. For those who apply gel polish themselves

Applying gel polish is a pretty long procedure. But what if you finally finish and realize you’re all out of cleanser? Now your hands feel sticky and gross.

Take a regular nail polish remover or something that contains alcohol and use it instead of a cleanser. But be careful, it shouldn’t contain any acetone.

9. Say goodbye to pimples!

It feels so awkward when you find a pimple on your face. But did you know you could be causing it by drying your face with a towel? If you do this, be sure it’s a clean towel since dirty ones can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Instead, let the face dry by itself or use facial tissues.

10. If your hair spray runs out

You were in the middle of creating an awesome hairstyle when you reach for the hairspray only to realize it’s empty! However, there’s still a little something left inside.

Hold the top of your hairspray under hot running water. Be sure not to ever poke the nozzle with a toothpick.

Have you ever experienced awkward moments like these? Do you know more tricks for how to stay “on top of things” when these disasters strike? Share your experiences and leave any comments below!

Illustrated by Marat Nugumanov for Bright Side
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