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10+ Weird Beauty Products That Look Like They’re From 3018

Are you familiar with humanity’s race to always look beautiful, presentable, young, and healthy? Of course, you are. The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing, delivering new items every season. But sometimes, when chasing customers’ money, manufacturers bring us fashion and beauty items that look quite odd and even downright crazy.

We at Bright Side have decided to share our picks of the craziest beauty products on the market.

Violent lips

Remember those temporary tattoos from your childhood that just needed a little bit of water to stick to your skin? Well, Violent Lips applies the same technique to lipstick design. You simply pick a pattern, cut out the stencil, apply it to your lips, and dampen it with a sponge. And voila! A universe on your lips.

Magnetic mask

There are tons of masks on the market — for dry skin, oily skin, the skin on your feet — but this one is quite unlike the rest. You apply it as usual, but you take it off with a real magnet.

Please note that the video is a bit loud.

Electric eye patches

Who needs hyaluronic eye patches when you can have vibrating ones? We’re not sure if they make you look younger or not, but they sure are interesting!

Silk cocoons

Ever wanted to rub the shell of a silkworm on your skin to get a very natural peeling? Even if you didn’t, the beauty industry is known to make you want things you never knew you needed.

Rotating foundation brush

All those swipes of makeup! No one has time for that in the mornings. At least that’s what the creators of this rotating brush must have thought.

Shadow shield

This one is supposed to help you draw on your wing without messing up your mascara. It’s also a general guideline for your eye makeup. What a treat!

Silicone sponge

Tired of your beauty blender soaking up all the product? Worry no more! It may feel like you’re slapping your face with a flat silicone fishtail, but it gets the job done.

Blackhead vacuum

Suck out all of your pores with a vacuum for your face. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But it’s still on the market!

Eyelid trainer

Do you ever feel like your eyelids don’t get enough exercise? Fix that with an eyelid trainer that will give your eyelids some extra strength.

Face iron

If you can’t get rid of those frown lines with creams and massages, try the same approach you use when ironing your clothing: iron your face!

Eyebrow stamp

It seems like a lot of these products are made for saving our time, including this product. Put the stamp into the powder, stamp it onto your face, and be off on your day. It’s that easy.

Are there any beauty products that seem crazy to you? Tell us all about them!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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