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10 Women Who Stopped Aging 20 Years Ago

There are people that look so youthful, you’d never guess how old they are. They somehow manage to look 10 years younger than they actually are. And not all of them are movie stars.

Bright Side often meets such beauties on social media. Now we state with confidence that you can look magnificent after 40!

Lure Hsu, 43 years old

43-year-old Lure Hsu, a designer from Taiwan, has conquered Instagram with her teenage looks.

Lure doesn’t eat meat, likes vegetables and fruit, adores sports, and never goes out without sunscreen. Lure recommends to carefully choose moisturizing creams to prevent wrinkles.

Dominique Sachse, 51 years old

American newscaster Dominique Sachse, being a 51-year-old lady, created several shows, won 2 Emmy Awards, established a Health Fitness Revolution, and became a popular blogger.

Dominique thinks that to keep the skin young, we have to eat healthy food and do sports. But the main thing is understanding that you’re incredible.

Marina De’Boshir, 54 years old

Marina (@marideboshir) is in her 50s, but it’s just a digit and an opportunity to laugh at nature. She admits she spends a lot of time taking care of herself, but the result is definitely worth it!

So what’s her secret of youth? Of course, her diet is balanced, and as for her young face, Marina says facial exercise helps her a lot.

Carelia Morán, 48 years old

Carelia Morán is a novice blogger, but famous magazines like Elle and Marie Claire Spain are already interested in her. Carelia works, does sports, takes her dog for a walk, and has her own blog that’s likely a thing she’s always been dreaming about.

Liu Yelin, 50 years old

Former librarian Liu Yelin from China leads a really healthy lifestyle and likes winter swimming.

Liu looks so young, it’s difficult for her son to find a girlfriend: almost everyone thinks that she’s his girlfriend.

Elizabeth Hurley, 53 years old

It’s amazing, but Elizabeth Hurley is 53. Of course, many celebs look good, but it’s still hard to believe she’ll turn 60 in 7 years. The actress, model, and mother of a 17-year-old boy doesn’t follow any low-calorie diets, she only eats balanced meals, spends a lot of time breathing fresh air, and exercises every day.

Angelique Miles, 52 years old

Angelique Miles is 52. After 40, she’s discovered the world of CrossFit, and now it’s her favorite hobby.

She works a lot and during her free time, she does different exercises. Angelique stopped eating sugar and dairy products. Thanks to workouts, her body looks unbelievably young.

Liz Webster, 51 years old

51-year-old Liz Webster is a mother of 3 and a bodybuilding silver medalist of 2014. Liz is also one of the owners of a company that produces natural supplements for athletes and followers of a healthy lifestyle.

Her Instagram shows the results of her everyday workouts at the gym. She thinks that sports, a balanced diet, and useful food supplements help her look like she’s 20, not 50.

Regina Hall, 48 years old

48-year-old Regina Hall is famous for her role in Scary Movie. The girl had always wanted to be a journalist, but she finally became an actress. And we believe that was a good choice.

She’s also a volunteer and takes care of elderly people. 8 years ago, she even wanted to become a nun. Well, age has nothing on her as her heart is too big and kind.

Folake Huntoon, 42 years old

42-year-old Folake Huntoon is a mother of 3, a popular stylist, and a designer. Her project, StylePantry, is a social media site devoted to fashion and style.

Folake spends a lot of time with her family, prefers healthy foods, works a lot, and simply enjoys her life.

Do you have your own beauty life hacks to share with us? We bet everyone wants to stay healthy and pretty!

Preview photo credit stylepantry / Instagram