11 Details That Can Make You Look Older

Did you know that your style and the clothes you wear affect your self-perception, your mood, and even your health? Scientists label this as "enclothed cognition." When we choose our outfit for the day, we subconsciously adopt certain characteristics associated with it. So if you choose clothes or accessories that resemble an old lady's outfit, you unwillingly start feeling like one too. Simple tips can help you prevent falling prey to common fashion fails that add to your real age!

Bright Side found out what fashion mistakes make you look older. Let's read through this list together and never commit them again!

1. Keep your neck open.

If you want to look younger, make sure you don't hide your neck. Choose an appropriate cut instead of a turtleneck.

2. No long skirts.

Long skirts don't make you look young, fresh, or sexy. Mini-skirts aren't always an option either since they can make you look underdressed or even vulgar. Avoid wearing them and choose a knee-length skirt instead.

3. Leave your cardigan at home.

Even if you love your comfy cardigan, stay away from it. Especially if it's a dull or a dark color. Choose a jacket or a blazer instead.

4. No scarves, unless it's cold.

Wearing a scarf makes you look older so try to avoid wearing one unless it's windy. Open your neck instead.

5. Avoid wearing too much black.

Black is a very stylish color, but try to avoid all-black outfits. It has the risk of highlighting your skin color and all your wrinkles. Brighter clothes will bring light to your face.

6. Choose light makeup.

Excessive makeup and very bright or dark lipstick are things that draw attention to the wrinkles around your mouth while dark eyeshadows make your eyes look heavier. Neutral shades and a lip gloss will help you look natural and young.

7. Say "no" to oversized clothing.

Oversized clothes make you look heavier and bigger, so wear them to the gym only. Choose the clothes that fit your size and highlight your best features.

8. Avoid wearing glasses, if possible.

Some people wear glasses just to look geeky, but they actually add a few years to your appearance. Take them off and consider switching to contact lenses.

9. Stay away from floral prints.

Dresses and blouses with floral prints make you look old-fashioned. Choose an outfit in pastel colors instead and leave the floral dress for a retro party.

10. Don't cut your hair short.

Short hair might look stylish, but it adds a couple of years to your actual age. Wear a bob or long hair, if it's thick and healthy.

11. Don't use fake tans.

A fake tan never looks real and highlights all the areas on your face that you'd prefer to hide. Choose a cream with SPF instead and get a natural, even tan.

Do you know any other details that add to a woman's actual age? We'd love to hear what you think in the comment section below!

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