11 tips for drawing flawless eyeliner arrows

Without doubt, eye makeup is one of the most powerful 'weapons' in a woman's beauty arsenal. When applied correctly, it can do wonders for your image by giving your gaze newfound charm and expressiveness. 

Today, Bright Side lets you in on the secrets of using makeup to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes!  

Dotted lines 

To make your arrows look perfect, draw them as dotted lines first. Once you feel satisfied with the outline, connect the dots carefully. 

The larger the dots are the thicker the arrow will be.

Classic arrows 

Classic arrows add volume to your eyelashes and make your eyes look more expressive. If you feel unsure of being able to draw a straight arrow right away, begin by outlining it with a few brush strokes. Then join those separate lines into one. 

Multicolored arrows 

Once you get the hang of drawing classic arrows, you might want to have a go at something more complicated. For instance, why not draw arrows that comprise of several multicolored lines? 

Double arrows 

Draw a line over your upper eyelid. Then draw another line under your lower one. Ensure that the outer ends of the lines don't intersect by leaving some room between them. You can fill this space with mother-of-pearl shadow. 

Intersecting eyeliner

When choosing this unusual makeup approach, it is important to make the arrow point upwards. 

Light-colored arrows 

If you feel that your eyes look too small and you want to do something about it, our advice is to start using lighter colored eyeliners. Following this simple makeup rule is guaranteed to make your eyes appear visibly bigger. The same goes for underlining the lower eyelid - you should only do it with a white or flesh-colored pencil. 

Combating the close-set eyes effect 

Eyeliners can be of help if you feel your eyes look too narrowly set. The arrows may be any length you want, just don't forget to make them begin at the middle of the eye! This easy trick should create an optical illusion that'll make your eyes appear further apart. 

Making your eyes look less wide-set 

If you're faced with the opposite kind of problem (your eyes are set too widely apart), make sure that your arrows begin either at the inner corner of the eye or even right at the bridge of your nose. This will help to 'bring' your eyes closer together. 

Smoky eyes

A perfect option for an alluring evening makeup. 

Getting ready for a party 

A social occasion such as a festive get-together or a party calls for something extraordinary. Why not try a more colorful makeup solution?! 

Time to experiment 

Don't hesitate to try out new ideas: experiment with different arrow shapes, use different colors. You can even consider adding decorative patterns or drawings! 

A few additional notes: 

  • Since perfectly drawn arrows are certain to draw everyone's attention to your eyes, make sure that your eyebrows are in well-kept condition.

  • Black arrows are well suited for evening makeup. As for creating your daytime image, we recommend using brown, beige, blue, or dark green.

  • It is best to start drawing arrows after you've applied eye shadows. If you prefer not to use shadows, apply some transparent powder instead. This will smooth out the eyelid surface and allow you to draw more sharply defined arrows. 

  • Don't close your eyes while drawing the arrows. Keep looking straight in front of you, making sure that you can see the whole of your face in the mirror. 

  • While drawing the arrows, always prop your drawing hand's elbow on a hard surface. This will help to make your arrows neat and level. 

  • Your arrows should always follow the outline of your eyelashes.

  • Don't rely on your pencil only. Make your arrows last by enhancing them with eyeliner and shadows. 

  • The tips of the arrows should always be pointing upwards. 


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