11 Weird Life Hacks for Women You’d Better Forget About

The Internet is full of small beauty tricks to create cheaper and faster makeup.

Bright Side has decided to check the 11 tricks that seem to be the weirdest and most doubtful. Here is what we have!

№ 11. Plump your lips with a shot glass.

The tip: It is a popular piece of online advice. You should take a small shot glass, apply it to your lips, and breathe in. The vacuum in the vessel plumps your lips.

The result: The lips have become red and swollen. If you try too hard, you can even end up with a bruise. This is probably a very popular tip, but we're not going to do it again.

Conclusion: The life hack doesn't work. Besides, your lips are perfect as they are!

№ 10. Lipstick helps to conceal dark circles under the eyes.

The tip: To conceal your "black eye," you should apply bits of lipstick to the skin under your eyes and shade it with a base.

The result: The shadows are gone, but red stains remain. Now you look like a kabuki theatre actor!

Conclusion: You can use the tip only if you are really a theatre actor and you need good face paint.

№ 9. It is possible to create good flicks with the help of a thread.

The tip: Take a thin thread, and apply some mascara to it. Then touch the thread to the eyelid. This way you can draw a straight flick.

The result: The tip is not trustworthy. The flicks are not straight, and they are different in size.

Conclusion: This hack doesn't work.

№ 8. Use a fork for straight and symmetrical nose contouring.

The tip: In order for the nose contouring lines to be straight and symmetrical, use a fork. Its size is perfect for separating the ridge area from the wings. Draw the necessary lines, and shade them.

The result: The lines are really awesome, but make sure your nose doesn't end up too pale.

Conclusion: We can say the tip works, but it's still more convenient to do the same thing in the usual way.

№ 7. Use simple colored pencils as eyeliners.

The tip: You need to put the pencils into hot water for some time. When they are soft, you can draw any eyeliner you want.

The result: The makeup is quite bright and colorful, and the line is easily drawn. But as soon as the makeup is dry, it falls into pieces.

Conclusion: The hack doesn't work.

№ 6. Beetroot instead of blusher.

The tip: Cut the beetroot in half, and apply to your slightly wet cheeks.

The result: You have a certain kind of blush, of course, but it's too red and bright. Besides, it is almost impossible to remove beetroot stains from your face.

Conclusion: The tip works but not as expected. You should not try this.

№ 5. You can simply and quickly create a scrub with shaving foam.

The tip: Mix shaving foam with a spoonful of sugar. Then apply the mixture to the skin, and rub it. Make the layer thick.

The result: This scrub is almost ineffective. You will also have to waste practically the entire foam tube. It's cheaper and more effective to buy and use an ordinary scrub.

Conclusion: The tip doesn't work, but you look rather funny!

№ 4. Lemon juice helps to whiten your nails.

The tip: Your nails can turn yellow after using dark polish. To whiten them, apply a cotton pad with lemon juice to your nails, then wrap them with foil and wait for 10-15 minutes.

The result: Nothing has changed. The color of the nails remained the same.

Conclusion: It's not a method that works.

№ 3. Loose powder can be substituted by flour.

The tip: If you are out of loose powder, you can use either flour or starch instead.

The result: Flour is all over your face, eyes, and mouth. It's also in the air. But there is no "powder" effect.

Conclusion: The tip doesn't work.

№ 2. Another way to draw straight flicks is with the help of a credit card.

The tip: We didn't give up and decided to try another way of drawing straight flicks fast. With this method, you can use either a credit or a business card.

The result: As before, it is difficult to create flicks this way. Besides, they do not look natural, although they are quite straight. It's still better to use the good old manual method.

Conclusion: The hack doesn't give results.

№ 1. In order to create a straight browline, use adhesive tape.

The tip: There is a tip for those who fail to create a straight browline: apply pieces of adhesive tape on the upper and lower sides of the brow, and crosshatch the space between them.

The result: The brows look too straight, angular, and unnatural. There is no way you could go out with such brows.

Conclusion: The hack is not effective.


Brush your teeth with soap instead of toothpaste to make them healthier.

We wanted to try this idea, but since some soaps can cause very unpleasant effects when swallowed, such as diarrhea or vomiting, we decided against trying this tip.

Make a lemon and cinnamon mask.

This common beauty hack can also be very dangerous. Citric acid can cause serious skin burns, while cinnamon causes allergic reactions in some people. You should be very careful with such internet tips and triсks. Not all of them are useful.

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