12 Fashion Choices That Make You Look Tacky

When it comes to choosing a fashion style there is no right or wrong. You can opt for looking classy or punk, trendy or casual. The only no-no is looking cheap, and that has nothing to do with the price of your outfit. Many times it's little things that stand in the way of you becoming a fashionista.

Bright Side compiled a list of things you should beware of.

1. Excessive glitter

As a rule, rhinestone designs call for an appropriate occasion. Everyday and sporty apparel with an abundance of fake jewels will make any fashion connoisseur cringe.

Dazzle with your personality rather than your clothes.

2. Knockoff brands

Manufacturers may call them "replicas," but it doesn't make them original. Low-quality items from discount stores have nothing to do with world-renowned fashion designers.

What to do: A well-made item from a fast fashion store will allow you to dress in your own style without costing you an arm and a leg.

3. Clashing prints

Polka dots + stripes = one of many unfortunate combinations. Floral, geometric, and other eye-catching prints need to stand alone.

How to: Mix a print with something similar or solid colors for a winning combo.

4. White pumps

We are going to let you in on a little secret: there is some color discrimination going on right now. White shoes, unless they are sneakers or athletic shoes, have fallen into disfavor. Even brides go for different colors, and it's hard to dress white shoes up or down in everyday life.

The best choice for any occasion is nude colored shoes. They will fit right in, no matter what color prevails in your wardrobe. They will also raise your look to a new level of elegance.

5. Buy big or don't buy

Some things are meant to be expensive and do not have a cheaper version. Most often this applies to fabrics. The rule of thumb here is if you can't afford a quality item it's better to not buy it at all. Take lace, for instance. Uncostly lace items start showing signs of wear and tear very quickly and will reflect their owner's status.

Can't live without lace? Less is more. Let it be a part of your wardrobe but as little inserts or add-ons.

6. Odd colors

Blazing neon colors are great for a disco party or at Halloween, but any attempt to incorporate them into a stylish outfit will fail.

What is the alternative? Classics, of course. If your affection for bright things can't be helped, at least try to tone down the intensity of your wardrobe's colors.

7. Wearing fine jewelry

To be precise, it is not wearing fine jewelry itself that hurts your look but its quantity and relevance to the occasion. Especially when you wear pieces made from precious metals along with costume jewelry. That won't do your image any good.

To adjust to an everyday look, keep it simple. Again, less is more. Nice little stud earrings have an advantage over a bulky golden necklace for most occasions.

8. Uncomfortable shoes

Heels make you feel and look extra pretty and feminine, but only when they don't come at the cost of your comfort. There is no need to overdress for running errands or walking the dog. It might appear that you have nothing else to wear.

Embrace simplicity. Normcore style is all over the fashion world, so dust off your favorite sneakers and walk on air.

9. Ignoring your size

There are letters other than S in the size range. Body shape and size might change from time to time, and that's ok. What's not ok is wearing clothing that does not flatter your figure. That goes for both bodycon and oversized clothes.

What are the pitfalls? Looking like a sausage tied with thread or having a baggy silhouette.

10. Ancient fashion trends

Treat fashion trends as a fling, not a committed relationship. Get rid of them once the season is over. Otherwise, you might give the impression that you wear your clothes to ribbons and go shopping once in a blue moon.

How to stay on top of trends? If you can't afford to keep up with all the newfangled things, go for classic shapes and colors. That will always work out in your favor.

11. Going wrong with pantyhose

Pantyhose are underwear, and they shouldn't be on display. A visible shimmer, as well as showing elastics and seams, will negate all your efforts to look flawless.

What to choose? Seamless, invisible, matte pantyhose. No shortcuts, and no cutting corners.

12. Peeking underwear

Sometimes underwear just can't stay in place, trying to get out from under its covers and calling for attention. If you still consider this sexy, it's definitely time to rethink.

Reminder: Underwear should stay under, whether it's new, expensive, or somebody just showed up on the red carpet with their breasts hanging out. Celebrities' lifestyles don't always correspond with reality.

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