12 Hairstyles That Give Thin Hair Outstanding Volume

Bright Side has put together a collection of the best hairstyles that help improve volume for those with short hair. Which one do you like?

Straight, long, and luxurious

Those with long but thin hair might want to try the "staircase" hairstyle. This involves trimming the hair around the face in a way that creates a beautiful stepped gradient, using locks of different lengths - from the shortest to the longest. This really helps to give the appearance of greater volume.

Bob style

The bob hairstyle, in all its variations, is a great idea for short hair. The basic bob also combines perfectly with a fringe to suit various face shapes.

A long bob

For those who love to wear their hair long but also like the bob style, there is a good compromise: the long bob. Lightly tousled and with a slightly ragged look to the individual locks of hair, this hairstyle is guaranteed to look incredibly stylish and full of volume.

A wavy bob

A few soft curls have always been a great help in giving a little anti-gravity to a woman's hairstyle. You don't need an expert stylist for this - all you need is your curling iron, and you can give your bob that extra playfulness.

A bob lengthened at the front

A classic bob cut has an element of strictness to it: it's all clearly defined lines, and there's no room for messiness. But what if we engage in a little experimentation? Your hair will gain a colossal amount of volume if you gather up the shortest hairs at the back of your head and grow the locks that are closest to your face to shoulder length.

A "torn" bob cut of uniform length

Another way to modify a classic haircut to give it more volume is to "cut off the ends." Lightly arranged hair with the tips unexpectedly sheared off can help give your style a certain amount of messiness that is really fashionable at the moment.

An asymmetric bob

Asymmetry is your best friend when you want to add volume. Your hair can be styled in this way using a brush, mousse, or cream. And don't be afraid to experiment - in this case, it's very much encouraged.

Ragged tips

It's often almost impossible to give the impression of greater volume without using pins and a certain amount of careful arrangement. But there is one simple trick you can apply if you don't feel like changing your hairstyle: simply ask your stylist or hairdresser to work a little more on the tips of your hair to make them more "ragged."

This trick will work for short hair as well. The above photo isn't a bob cut, and it isn't a pixie cut - it's something in between. This is a great idea for those who don't want to spend too much time caring for long hair but want a neat hairstyle that will keep its volume.

The cascade

A multi-layered hairstyle is at the heart of every "cascading" hairstyle. The gradiation of your hair's length gives it fantastic volume, even for those with very thin hair.

Light waves

You won't find a lighter and more feminine hairstyle than this. Smooth waves stretching the entire length of your hair is exactly what you need for extra volume. But remember - you'll get the best effect not from tightly winding around curlers but by using curling irons.

Pixie style

Fans of understated short hair can always rely on the pixie style. This stylish and modern hairstyle leaves you with lots of choices to vary the length of your hair and the style of your fringe. Whether you decide to shave your temples or the back of your head, grow out your fringe, or play with the color of your hair, this style will always give a look that is bright and full of volume.

Long pixie style

The long pixie style moves the emphasis from tomboy to something more feminine. The locks of hair around the temples are generally pushed back behind the ears, which gives your face a "softer" look, but if you're looking for something that will make you stand out a little more, you can always tousle your hair, raise it up, and fix it in place.

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