12 lipstick shades you must try this summer

Lipstick is one of the all-important makeup elements. Highlighting your lips can do wonders for your image. And summer is a perfect time for experimenting with crazy looks and bold colors. Fuchsia, violet, crimson - the list of alluring possibilities goes on and on! 

Especially for you, Bright Side has selected a few luxuriant lipstick shades guaranteed to make you irresistible this summer season! 

Insolent Marsala 

Vibrant Fuchsia 

Glorious Nude

Impeccable Maroon 

Saturated Red

Tender Lilac 

Luscious Orange

Juicy Blackcurrant

Bright Tangerine 

Exquisite Velvet Matte

Crazy Blue 

Dark Chocolate

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