12 New Hair Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Million Dollars

A new hairstyle is a woman's best trick to attract every man's eyes. It makes her feel happy, attractive, and confident. But sometimes it's so hard to decide which style suits you best.

Bright Side followed the advice of star stylists Larry Sims and Matt Fugate and made a list of the very best short haircuts to try right now.

12. Pixie with long side bangs

The classic pixie haircut looks quite daring and funky and is a good option for self-confident women. However, if you prefer a more elegant hairstyle silhouette, try a pixie cut with long side bangs – it suits almost everyone.

11. Short bob

The short bob is usually worn in a way that compliments your neck and face features. This hairstyle is generally suitable for almost any hair type, and it's perfect for women with thick, sleek, or wavy hair.

10. Shaggy bob and textured bob

This deliberately messy haircut has been at the top of the best hairstyles for several years. Not only will your hair get a gorgeous look but a shaggy bob creates the illusion of fullness and extra volume.

9. Long bob

The long bob is somewhere in between a short and long haircut. Almost anyone can pull off this hairstyle, so feel free to experiment with your looks. Plus it's so easy to do at home: just brush out with fingers for a sexy, tousled finish.

8. Beach waves

This hairstyle will get you perfectly imperfect beachy waves like you've just come out of the ocean. It works better with Californian highlights or ombré, lending strands a sun-kissed shine.

7. Slightly messy Kate Moss style

Kate Moss used to attend parties with deliberately messy and untidy hair, and she made this hairdo quite popular in the '90s. Imperfect messy layers make any woman look very feminine and glamorous.

6. Long shag cut with blunt bangs

For the second year in a row, airy long hairstyles firmly hold a supreme spot. Despite common opinion, it makes a good combination with bangs, especially for long hair. A long shag cut is a great way to deal with long wavy hair, making it bouncy and light.

5. Asymmetrical hairstyles

Your hair will acquire a very interesting Hollywood chic with this hairstyle. It's easy to maintain at home with the minimum of styling devices, and sometimes even the side fringe is enough to rock this style.

4. Vintage waves

Let's be honest – you'll have to put in some effort to create this vintage Hollywood hairstyle. Of course, it's not an everyday hairdo, but it is the perfect style for a night out.

3. Messy braid

If you wear your hair long and rarely see a hairstylist, braids are the best style option for you. The fresh and Bohemian style of the braids make your look more pronounced. To create a similar look, make your usual braid and pull the edges with your fingers to make it a bit messy.

2. High braided hairstyle

High braided updos are all about elegance and class. However, they suit every occasion, from a formal event to a night out with your friends.

1. Low bun

Buns work well to create extra volume in thin hair, and they also suit every occasion. But if you consider a classic bun a bit too conservative, try a messy low bun for the best result.

Bonus: Colorful dye

Modern hairstyles are very inclusive: color (pastel or bright), balayage, and other types of dyed hair are really in trend.

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