12 Things a Woman Who Respects Herself Won’t Skimp On

When a woman loves and appreciates herself, she doesn’t skimp on buying quality things. Additionally, inexpensive items can be bad not only for self-esteem, but for health as well. For example, a cheap mattress can ruin your posture, which is more difficult to correct than just buying a good mattress in the first place. And an old phone case can ruin a well-thought-out look... the list goes on and on.

We at Bright Side compiled a list of ordinary things that any self-respecting woman shouldn’t try to save money on.

1. A good mattress

A poorly chosen mattress can become a reason for chronic fatigue and this is counterintuitive taking into account the hectic schedules of modern women. Moreover, it could give you poor posture.

Manufacturers and doctors recommend changing your mattress every 8 years because it becomes too soft and saggy and is unable to properly support the natural S-shaped curve of the spine.

How to choose a mattress correctly:

  • A semi-firm model is a good option for most people.

  • If you don’t have trouble sleeping, choose a mattress made of memory foam — it provides comfort in any position by taking on the body’s shape. If you’re one of those people who keeps tossing and turning while sleeping, a more firm mattress will be a better choice.

2. Thermal underwear

They will help you look great even in the coldest seasons. Moreover, you won’t have to wear many layers to keep yourself warm. We believe that thermal underwear is a long-term investment in beauty and health.

The model choice depends on your needs:

  • If you have a low-active lifestyle, choose heat-saving underwear made of wool or fleece.
  • Moisture-removing models made of synthetic materials are good for intense physical activities. They will also help to avoid overcooling.
  • Mixed options are suitable for city life. For example, single-layer or double-layer synthetic underwear with a thin layer of fleece or with a small percentage of wool in the composition.

It’s important to choose the size correctly. Thermal underwear should be well-fitted and shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. The size directly affects how warm you’ll feel.

3. A phone case

People around you will notice how neat this item looks. That’s why you shouldn’t try to save money on this accessory. Moreover, nowadays there are a wide range of phone cases available on the market.

However, even the most expensive case will lose its sparkle after some time. Don’t skimp on the new case if that happens. The best option is to have several phone cases at once. And remember to choose accessories so that they fit in with your overall look.

4. Water

It’s dangerous to drink tap water that hasn’t been boiled, but at the same time the heat treatment ’kills’ the water because of the salting out process. It makes minerals settle down to the bottom, resulting in a loss of about half of its beneficial properties.

Buy bottled water in stores or go to a confirmed natural spring that is located outside of the city. Good water is a fundamental contribution to your health.

5. Good quality desserts

Women like to treat themselves to goodies, but chocolates and other store-bought sweets are not that great. Not only are they bad for our figure but also for our gastric mucosa. Chemicals that are found in ordinary check-out line chocolate negatively affect the skin, and reduce the sensitivity of our taste buds.

So, it’s better to take care of your health in the long run rather than indulge in a momentary weakness. If you can’t cut out sweets completely, treat yourself with visits to restaurants or high-quality pastry shops from time to time. Pounds of cheap grocery store candy can’t compare to a piece of good, high-quality cake.

6. Toilet paper

Reddit users are sure that the price difference between a monthly supply of cheap and expensive toilet paper is pretty small. However, the comfort level differs greatly.

If you track your expenses, try to check this difference yourself. Maybe they’re right and it’s really not that big and you don’t have to use a bad quality product.

Lesser quality toilet paper can contain harmful additives that can cause an allergy or dermatitis. So, buying expensive toilet paper is not an indulgence, and when you do it, you’re actually taking care of your health.

7. Hair dying

Besides harming your hair and the skin on your scalp, cheap hair dye results in bad color. Oftentimes, the colors sold by budget manufacturers have no depth and they don’t look the way we want them to on our hair.

You also shouldn’t skimp on hairdressing services. Not only will an expert help you in choosing the right look, but they will also provide high-quality hair care by using good hair products.

If you decide to go to the nearest hairdresser in order to get a budget service for your hair color, there is a high chance that your hair condition will suffer and you won’t get the desired results.

8. Hand care

Well-groomed hands are a bright indicator of how much a woman cares about herself. Aside from many other factors, this body part indicates a woman’s real age.

Taking care of your hands is not just about buying expensive creams. There are other things you shouldn’t try to save money on like not using gloves for cleaning and for protection from the cold. Also, try to avoid water that is too cold or too hot — washing your hands at these temperatures can lead to the appearance of microcracks.

9. Makeup foundation

When choosing a makeup foundation, keep in mind that it is supposed to enhance the natural beauty and not layer over it. A cheap foundation clogs pores, dries them out, or conversely makes the skin too oily. Additionally, budget cosmetics don’t allow you to choose the correct structure and color of the product depending on the condition of your skin and its problems.

Not only can a good-quality foundation even out your complexion, but it can also protect the skin from the negative impact of the environment. One tube of foundation is usually enough to last for 6 months which means that the monthly cost of an expensive foundation won’t be that high.

10. Tattoos

When you’re young, the desire to try new things is overwhelming and it’s difficult to realize that a tattoo might stay with you for the rest of your life and that it will be extremely hard to remove it.

That’s why it’s better to go to a tattoo parlor that has a good reputation:

  • The availability of a medical book for all tattoo salon masters is mandatory.
  • Using original and certified consumables is a must as well. Hi quality dyes have brighter colors than budget ones. The difference will be more vivid after a couple of years of getting the tattoo.

Before getting a permanent tattoo, try a temporary one or get a Mehndi drawn on your skin. Keep it for a while and it will help you to understand how comfortable you’ll feel with this new look.

11. Tampons and sanitary napkins

It’s vital to not skimp on feminine hygiene products. Not only is it dangerous to buy tampons and sanitary napkins from dubious manufacturers (the composition of the materials they use is pretty suspicious), but one should also remember that it’s recommended to change them every 3-4 hours. And the manufacturers themselves remind us about this requirement.

menstrual cup is a good alternative. It isn’t cheap, but it will serve you for a long time. It’s environmentally friendly and has far fewer contraindications compared to the traditional means of feminine hygiene. Ask for a gynecologist’s help in order to choose a cup correctly. This will also ensure that you don’t have any contraindications for using it.

12. Professional photos

It’s unlikely that you’re going to proudly want to show a bunch of selfies or quickly-taken photos to your descendants.

It’s better to not try to skimp on good-quality photo sessions. A professional photographer will pick the right angle and light, catch your sincere emotions, and fully capture your look. Why not make an annual photo session a tradition? On your birthday, for example.

Which things do you skimp on but would like to stop? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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