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12 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

Life during the 21st century is no bed of roses — these days, everyone is always in a hurry. So we at Bright Side made a little list of some useful tips that will let you spend less on beauty supplies while being as stunning as ever.

Hollywood cat eye look

The impeccable Hollywood cat eye look is not that hard to create. You only need to draw a line from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow or towards your temple (for a more everyday kind of look); the length of the line depends on your preference. Then, draw a line for the second eye as well, and check for symmetry. Use eyeliner to draw a couple of dots or dashes over the line: they will help you create an ideal contour without smudges. Connect the dots by drawing a smooth, straight line. Clean up any imperfections and sharpen lines with a makeup remover pen.

Ideal eyebrows

For an ideal eyebrow design, you first need to carefully brush up your eyebrows, then outline them, and then fill them with color. If you want a more radiant look, apply some highlighter just below your eyebrow line.

Elegant lips

Here is an easy tip for making your lips seem fuller, and it only takes 15 seconds to create this look. Apply your regular lipstick first, and then use a lighter shade of lip liner to color the central part of your upper and lower lip. With your brush, swipe left to right and blend the edges out so it creates a gradient look. Add a bit of shiny lip gloss and voila: your lips look sexy and sumptuous!

Stunning eyeshadow

In the morning, gently wash off any excess oils from your face, paying close attention to your lids. Apply a special foundation primer to avoid eyeshadow smudges. If the primer is applied well, it prevents makeup imperfections. To make the color of your eyeshadow deeper, apply a light eye pencil first.

Two in one

If you don’t have an eye pencil or eyeshadow handy, your mascara can help you out. Take a thin brush and use some of your mascara to apply like eyeliner along the upper eyelid. Now you can use the rest of your mascara to complete the look.


An option for those who are running very late. Look up and apply eyeliner just over the upper lash line. This will make your eyes seem bigger and your eyelashes will acquire a nice fluffy look. It’s an easy tip that’ll help you look gorgeous without applying too much makeup.


Being a business lady doesn’t mean you can’t get creative when choosing your hairstyle. Try some easy and elegant hairdos that will accentuate both your business-like attitude and the exquisite beauty of your hair. If a need to look more casual arises, just a couple of minutes will be enough to let your hair down.

Give your dried-up mascara a new life

Eyelash makeup has a life-span of about 3-6 months, but if you want it to last a little longer, there are a couple of tricks that can help you. Just remember: these are emergency tips, and if your skin gets irritated, don’t use this mascara again.
First of all, wiping the clumps off your mascara brush should be a regular thing for you to do. When it comes to reviving your mascara, use eye drops — just put a couple of drops into the tube, pump it, and shake it well. You can also put the tube into a mug filled with hot water; it will save your mascara for a while until you buy a new one.

Flawless skin

If you didn’t get enough sleep, makeup will help you look fresh. Use these tips as a cheat-sheet.

Dramatic eye

To make your eyelashes look fluffy, apply one layer of mascara and then use a medium makeup brush to go over the lashes with skin powder. Be careful not to get the powder into your eyes. Then apply a second layer of mascara. It’s easiest if you bend the brush at a 45° angle.

Bikini and straps

To prevent razor bumps apply deodorant to the bikini line after shaving and use band-aid to hide your bra straps.

Bonus: perfect DIY lipstick palette

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