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12 Universal Clothing Items That Suit Every Woman Without Exception

Selecting items of clothing whilst taking into account one's figure, height, and weight can be a tiresome task. Having had enough of that eternal question of what to wear, we at Bright Side put together a selection of universal items of clothing that will suit every woman without exception.

A sheath dress

It might sound unbelievable, but a sheath dress really does suit every girl out there. You just have to take into account the following: those with slim figures can allow themselves to wear the most insanely close-fitting variants, while girls of a larger build should stick to dresses made from thicker materials that won't hug their figure so closely.

If you want to emphasize your slim figure even more, choose a sheath dress where the sides are a contrasting color.

A straight shift dress

A straight shift dress can help to emphasize the delicacy of your figure and hide your deficiencies simultaneously. Avoid ones that are too loose or have an excessive amount of material. Select your exact size in order to emphasize your figure.

A shortened top

That's right, you didn't read it wrong. A shortened top suits absolutely every woman, and that's why it's in our collection. Remember, however, that "shortened" doesn't mean "short"! We're not talking about exposing your belly to the world. Your aim is to place an emphasis on your waist and visually increase the length of your legs.

Select a top that goes slightly lower than your waist, and combine it with high jeans, pants, or a skirt, or put on a lengthier upper layer on top.

A pencil skirt

A pencil skirt can help enhance the appearance of any girl regardless of her figure. But it gets even better: you can wear one with practically any kind of top or pair of shoes. Want to draw attention to your rear? Go for a narrow skirt made from thick material. Need to hide your drawbacks? Select something straighter and looser.

Women who aren't particularly tall will also find the pencil skirt a great choice. Select a design that reaches slightly lower than your knees, and your legs will appear longer.

Boyfriend jeans

Loose-fitting, slightly baggy jeans are a truly versatile item of clothing. Women of any body type can allow themselves to put these on, and, what's more, every time they'll look fantastic. Don't believe us? Well, just take a look at the photos...

Classic pants

Classic pants are the must-have basic element of everyone's wardrobe. Remember that designs with a slightly raised waist can make your legs look longer and hide your belly.


Classic pumps are capable of creating real fashion wonders. These are the shoes that make any pair of legs look slimmer and longer. Just be careful not to opt for those where the tip is too long, as you may end up with the opposite effect to the one you're looking for.

A leather jacket

Any outfit can be improved by adding a biker-style leather jacket that reaches down to or slightly lower than your waist. It doesn't matter what size your clothes are. And wearing a leather jacket over a dress will give you a truly unbeatable appearance.


We'll admit, sneakers might seem a strange choice to include here. But you have to admit - they really do suit everyone. And thanks to the strange rules of fashion, we can now wear them with any style of clothes at any time of the year. They really are lifesavers.

A button-through dress

A button-through dress will suit every woman without exception. They're perfect for concealing problematic areas and helping to create the impression of an hourglass figure. For those with slim figures, any color will work; for those who are slightly larger, designs of a uniform color are best.

A white shirt

If there are women out there who don't suit wearing a white shirt, then we still haven't found them. A well-chosen shirt can instantly give you an air of freshness, and it's such a neutral item that it can act as the basis for a whole number of styles. Indispensable!

A straight jacket

A straight jacket fits any type of figure. They can be worn with ankle-length pants as well as light dresses, depending on the style you're trying to create.

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