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13 New Beauty Trends That Modern Stylish Girls Follow (Spoiler: 6-Pack Abs Are Not That Cool Anymore)

The beauty industry is going through some changes. There is some good news: fashion is becoming simpler and more natural. We don’t need to have the perfect eyebrows anymore, or fake eyelashes, or dry our nail polish under UV-light. But the fashion world still has a lot of things to surprise us with.

We at Bright Side are following the trends and we are ready to tell you about the most stylish finds.

1. There is no perfect shape for eyebrows.

This year, natural eyebrows are on trend (in terms of color, length, and shape). But they should be styled and neat. You can use special eyebrow gel and try long-term styling in order to fix the hairs in the style you like.

2. Purple hair color

Unusual, bright, doll-like, extravagant — all these adjectives describe purple hair. Until recently, this hair color would surprise a lot of people, but at the moment, it is definitely a hit, even among celebrities. The great advantage of this hair color is that all shades of purple look great regardless of the length or the shape of the hair.

3. Ab crack

6-pack abs are not trendy anymore. Bloggers, celebrities, and regular internet users share their photos with the hashtag #abcrack. Instead of a beautiful belly, they demonstrate the other feature of their bodies — a clear vertical line. In order to achieve this effect, you have to be on a special diet, do exercises to work on this area, and have a genetic predisposition.

Model Emily Ratajkowski has a clear vertical line on her belly. She actively posts pictures of her body on her social media. Maybe she was the one who actually started this trend.

4. Draping

Makeup artists have been working on something called draping — a technique of contouring with blush. It is fairly easy to learn to do: you need shades of blush (either cold and warm, or lighter and darker). You use one color at the bottom, as the base, on the cheekbones and the second one on top using a fluffy brush. The transition will be very delicate and barely noticeable. Draping can be done with any blush.

5. Tattoo-freckles

People who have freckles from birth are often proud of them and don’t hide them. And those who were less lucky, look for ways to add freckles to their faces. Some people only use makeup and others go a step further — they get tattoos. The tattoo freckles actually end up looking very natural.

6. Finger piercing

The most unusual way to wear a diamond is to put it inside your finger. The procedure itself doesn’t take more than a few minutes. A specialist makes a small cut and puts a titanium plate inside. The jewel is attached to the plate. There are some disadvantages: first, you can hurt the skin if you are not very careful, and second, if you use this type of diamond, instead of a wedding ring, it will leave a scar in the case that you ever get divorced.

By the way, you can implant a diamond into the skin in any place on the body. This procedure is called a microdermal. Some women prefer having these piercings on their neck, cleavage, wrists, and clavicles. Some people also get them under their eyes, which looks like a tear.

7. Short bangs

Short and dramatic, retro, Audrey-Hepburn-style bangs are pretty high on the list of modern fashion trends. These bangs don’t require any special skills for styling, they look good for a long time and allow a woman to look a couple of years younger — there’s a reason why these bangs are called “child bangs.” They can be straight and almost perfect or more on the messy side.

8. Stretch mark tattoos

Stretch marks are a problem that many women deal with. Some just put up with them and others try to find new ways to fight them. A tattoo artist from São Paolo, Rodolph Otatuador, found a way to conceal them. He fills the lightest lines of the scars with body colors in order to “mix” the stretch marks with the skin color. And they really disappear: after healing, the skin looks much smoother. Unfortunately, this method is used only in Brazil for now, but we can already see the effect.

By the way, Rodolph Otatuador also hides the dark circles under the eyes.

9. Silver hair

Now, silver hair is something you should highlight and not hide. In the beginning, the ash-color was popular, followed by a metallic and ice blond, and now silver is a widely-used color. So, if you have naturally dark hair, it is very hard to lighten it in order to achieve this cold grey color, but if you already have naturally silver hair, all you need is some toning to highlight it. In order to support this new fashion trend, famous designer Jean-Paul Gaultier started the new hashtag #grannyhair.

Subscribe to this page that popularizes the beauty of natural silver hair and see how stylish it can be on different women of different ages.

10. Plastic surgery of the belly button

Another new trend is to get a belly button like models have. As it turns out, there is a perfect shape of the belly button — a vertical oval. In plastic surgery, there is a special procedure called umbilicoplasty (changing the shape of the belly button) and it is becoming more and more popular.

11. Natural eyelashes

It’s great news that the world is finally going in the direction of natural appearances. The same works for eyelashes. Natural care and no fake eyelashes are on trend now. Castor oil, grape seed oil, and aloe vera are the products you need. A procedure called keratin lifting is becoming more popular, which creates a curve, dyes the eyelashes a bit, and gives them growth vitamins.

12. Dip powder for nails

Nail artists are using dip powder more and more often now along with gel nail polish. The powder has no smell and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. It is put on the nail, but there is no need to use a UV-lamp. You can maintain this surface for about a month and it still looks really great.

13. Wet makeup

Matte textures are becoming less and less popular every day. At the moment the so-called “wet makeup” is on trend. The skin, the eyes, and the lips look wet. So, get a highlighter, lip gloss, and eye shadow beauty products that have a wet look — the face will shine after you use these things.

Which of these trends seemed the most interesting to you? Which one would you like to try?

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