13 situations that only short girls can relate to

Not every one of us is tall, and there is nothing wrong with that because people should be different. We at Bright Side are sure that all girls are beautiful in their own way.

Nevertheless, short ladies can totally agree with us that doing certain tasks can be occasionally troublesome because of their height. The best way to avoid any awkward situations is to deal with them with humor.

Cooking meals is a real challenge for me.

And I don’t look in the mirror at all, because I just can’t  reach it.

Going to the grocery store is like attending rock climbing courses.

And shopping is an adventure in the land of giants.

At least I can save on socks.

Yes, I can't see the stage. Who cares? You come to listen to music, not watch it

We all need somebody to lean on.

My friends and I look cool together.

I’m a pro at doing laundry.

I do everything myself. Well…almost.

But all of this doesn’t stop me from being happy!

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