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13 Wardrobe Tips for Thirtysomething Ladies to Look Young Yet Not Like Teenagers

13 Wardrobe Tips for Thirtysomething Ladies to Look Young Yet Not Like Teenagers

The female part of the Bright Side team explored what famous sharply dressed ladies wear to look young but not like teenagers, and we share our conclusions with you. There are no tips to forget about miniskirts and move to pencil skirts and refreshing colors. After all, it's up to each of us to decide what to wear.

Handbags and backpacks: strict outlines instead of shapelessness

Formless large backpacks and handbags simplify your image and make you look more like a teenager. If you need to carry a lot of things with you, it's better to choose a capacious handbag of clear outlines, as Miranda Kerr does. Or try a backpack of geometric shape - without owls and studs - like Kate Bosworth.

Cropped tops: with high-waisted skirts

Yes, cropped tops are stylish. We want to wear them. Yet most of us had flat bellies only in early youth. It's better that "30-something girls" wear cropped tops with high-waisted skirts so that only a narrow skin line is visible, and the navel is covered to make the belly look flatter. By the way, this combination creates the right proportions of the body: it balances the top and bottom and makes the legs look longer.

Skinny jeans: with massive boots or heels

Skinny jeans tend to add volume to the bottom and hips and present your body in an unfavorable light. It's better to choose a looser top and not combine such jeans with ballet flats or other minimalistic footwear. It's better to wear high heels, ankle boots, heavy boots, or sports shoes.

Tight dresses vs. fitted dresses

Only a young lady can afford a tight knitted dress. It's better to choose a seductive fitted dress instead of a tight one. And if there are voluminous details in the upper part - for example, sleeves - this will give the desired balance of the top and bottom and make your body look gorgeous.

Sports shoes with a dress or a coat: simple tailoring

A light dress with a flower print and sports shoes? Definitely not. It's better to choose a dress with a simple cut. In addition, it's recommended to choose shoes in a sporty style, rather than classic sneakers. If you still decide to wear them, it's better to choose something very neutral like a straight coat with no extra details, like Alexa Chang did (below).

Shorts: loose cut, closed top, quality shoes

Choose loose models from a dense fabric that keeps the form well and doesn't rumple. Shorts made of lace and other thin fabrics, looking more like underwear, make the bottom look bigger and actually suit few people. Of course, the top should be loose and not too open. Another good idea is to wear shorts with quality shoes and handbags, like Olivia Palermo (lower right picture).

Aggressive sexy style vs. intelligent sexuality

30-something is the time of intelligent sexuality. Décolleté, lacing, high cut, short skirts - it's better to never combine these things. Victoria Beckham knows how to dress in a way that is sexy, modest, and gorgeous, so you can safely take her style as an example.

Fitted puffy dresses vs. A-line dresses

Light dresses with an elastic band at the waist are associated only with young ladies. It's better to choose A-line dresses, fitted or not. They attract attention to slender legs and create a sense of fragility of the figure.

Miniskirt: dense fabric and loose top

We often hear that women who turned 30 cannot wear miniskirts. We don't agree! What if someone just discovered this miracle? All you need is to follow a well-known rule: the top should be closed. One more thing: it's better to choose a slightly loose top, hide the belly, and avoid knitted skirts. Instead, choose those that keep their shape (like Miranda Kerr in the "right" photo).

Short bell skirts vs. A-line skirts

The same thing is true about bell skirts: they're undoubtedly nice, but only if you're a teenager. As you can see, they don't even suit Jessica Alba. It's much better to replace them with short A-line skirts or new look style skirts. And if you don't have the physique of a model, it's better that the upper part of the skirt defines the hips, so it won't add a couple of extra pounds.

Experiments: multilayered Asian style

We believe that women who have turned 30 are lucky: they're more confident in themselves, less dependent on others' opinions, and they can afford to experiment. For example, you can explore Japanese and Korean street styles instead of a deliberately sexy style from Instagram. Multilayered outfits, elegance, loose dresses, tight pants, and interesting textures.

Cool details

Thirtysomething ladies can afford to pay more attention to details instead of choosing showy clothes. It can be an unusual fabric, exquisite lace, or a fine combination of shades. These details create a polished image, showing that you understand your advantages.

A win-win combination: jeans+jacket or jacket+accessories

You can endlessly make cool outfits out of a fitted pair of jeans, several tops, a jacket, a cardigan, or a leather jacket. And if you buy a couple of pairs of sunglasses and scarves matching your outfits, the problem of "how to dress" is already solved for the whole spring. Jessica Alba is a great example.

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