13 Ways to Instantly Become 10 Years Younger

It often happens that we feel much younger than we look. You can't stop time, but it's entirely in your power to bring harmony to your inner and outer self.

Bright Side brings you 13 tricks to remember your age only when you look at your ID, not your mirror.


Adds age: Dramatic, sculpted, and graphic eyebrows.

Makes you look younger: It's by no chance that thick natural eyebrows are currently in high demand - they're subconsciously associated with youth.

  • Make your eyebrow color the same tone as or a semitone darker than your hair color.
  • It's better to opt for eyebrow shadows instead of a pencil. The lines will be smooth and natural, while sculpting will add age.

Creamy textures in makeup

Adds age: Powder textures make mature skin look older. There's a risk of turning your face into a mask and accentuating even the smallest wrinkles.

Makes you look younger: Opt for creamy textures (rouges, eye shadows, highlighters, etc.)

Light foundations

Adds age: A thick layer of foundation will get into small wrinkles, making them more prominent.

Makes you look younger: A foundation with a light liquid texture containing light-reflecting particles. They will disperse the light and make your skin glow from inside, letting you look young and fresh.


Adds age: Dark shades on your cheekbones. Prominent cheekbones make your face more elegant yet add years to it - just like pale skin without any rouge.

Makes you look younger: Light and glittery rouge. Try choosing fresh shades, like pink or peach, depending on your skin type. Apply them on your cheeks proper.

A brown pencil instead of a black one

Adds age: Black eyeliner circling the eye. Such makeup visually shrinks the eyes, making reddening more obvious if you have it. The overall look is that of tiredness.

Makes you look younger: Replace the black pencil with a brown or dark blue one. These colors will make your eyes brighter and hide such age attributes as yellowing whites and dimming.

Maximum length and super volume of the eyelashes

Adds age: Unmade eyelashes, even if the rest of your makeup is done.

Makes you look younger: Use a lash curler and volumizing mascara. Widely opened eyes are capable of erasing ten years from your face.

Hair volume and shine

Adds age: Hairstyles without volume and faded hair.

Makes you look younger: Create volume with a mousse or foam, and finish the hairstyle with an oil mask: pour some on your palms, run your fingers through your hair from the middle to the ends, paying special attention to them. The optimal hair length is below the chin but above the shoulders.

Lightening of certain facial areas

Adds age: Pigment spots, circles under the eyes, and other dark patches.

Makes you look younger: Concealing dark circles isn't enough. Apply some concealer (a tone lighter than your normal tone) to the corners of the eyes and lips, the outer parts of the nostrils, and the chin.

Light shadows on the upper eyelids

Adds age: A lowered upper eyelid creates the effect of tired eyes.

Makes you look younger: Use light shadows close to the lashes, while applying a darker shade where the eyelid goes down. The light shade will make the lids more prominent, while the darker one will conceal the upper part.

"Wet lips" effect lipstick

Adds age: Matte lipsticks reduce the volume, make the skin look dry, and accentuate wrinkles. All of these factors add years.

Makes you look younger: Reflecting particles will disperse the light and visually soften wrinkles. In addition, a lipstick with the wet lips effect will add some volume to your lips.

Balance between suntan and paleness

Adds age: Too much suntan or vice versa - overly pale skin.

Makes you look younger: Opt for soft tints of gold, caramel, and peach. Yellow colors warm your skin, making it look younger. This is brilliantly demonstrated by Asian women who look much younger than they really are.

Fair hair

Adds age: Dark hair isn't good for mature skin as it brings out all the age changes.

Makes you look younger: Choose a new color depending on your natural one. It should be two tones lighter than the latter at most.

Grapefruit perfume

Dr. Alan Hirsch, CEO of Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (Chicago, IL), says that women who prefer perfume with notes of grapefruit or body milk with a similar aroma look almost 10 years younger in the eyes of others.

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