14 Beauty Life Hacks From the Internet That Appeared to Be Harmful

Not all the information on the Internet should be trusted. Some tips just won't work, but some can actually be harmful.

In order for us to stay safe, Bright Side collected these "anti-tips" that should not be followed.

14. Transparent nail polish for concealing lip herpes

You'd better not follow this tip because nail polish applied to such a rash may cause irritation or aggravation. Purchase a special cream in the drugstore, and carry it with you.

13. PVA glue against blackheads

This is absolutely ineffective and even dangerous. Glue may cause allergies and skin or eye irritation. Use appropriate and safe solutions for blackhead removal, for example, pore strips.

12. Home lip plumping

Perhaps this notion comes from our childhood. We all did it: stuck our lips into a glass and sucked the air in. However, instead of Angelina Jolie-style lips, you'll get a horrible blue circle around your mouth.

11. Using hair spray to fix your makeup

People say hair spray works well not only on the hair but also on the face as a makeup fixation solution and a pore tightener. Of course, it doesn't work. The components of hair spray may cause skin irritation and rashes. Choose a product that will work for your skin type and lose the desire to use extreme tips.

10. Using horse shampoo

This tip works but only right after washing. However, you will be totally disappointed as the high levels of silicone in these products make hair fragile and thin. It is better not to improvise with horse shampoo, especially taking into consideration the fact that humanity invented a whole variety of shampoos for people.

9. Raw potato for oily skin

No doubt, the potato is a useful product, but do not apply it to your skin. Some substances contained in potatoes may fill the pores and cause acne. There are a lot of special oily skin care products – choose one for yourself.

8. Lemon juice for getting rid of freckles

This may come in handy, but only if you are not allergic or sensitive to the sun. However, these are the properties of light skin that is normally covered with freckles. It is safer to buy a cream with vitamin C.

7. Cookie mascara

This crazy life hack has its followers. Sadly, cookies contain flavoring agents that may cause allergic reactions, and product particles may scratch the eye cornea. Ewww. Conclusion: with so many good makeup products around, you will definitely find something for yourself without resorting to these extremes.

6. Colored pencils instead of eyeliners

No matter how cool this idea may seem to you, don't try it. The components of colored pencils are dangerous for the mucous layer of our eyes. Anyway, you can find special eyeliners in every color nowadays.

5. Antiperspirant for the face

Antiperspirants make the skin dry, and this effect would be enhanced by using makeup. This won't do facial skin any good.

4. Peanut butter instead of shaving foam

Peanut butter is a strong allergen. Together with that, you will spoil the razor and clog the pipes in the bathroom. If you are out of your shaving foam, use hair conditioner.

3. Using coffee for artificial tanning

This is not very dangerous for your health (unless, of course, you are allergic), but it is absolutely not effective. A little bit of coffee can change the skin color, but it is expensive and won't last long.

2. Baby cosmetic products instead of regular ones

Using baby cream on adult skin is dangerous because baby products are meant for skin that has practically no protective layer, unlike adult skin. As a result, our skin becomes deprived of oxygen, and we get a lot of problems that wouldn't appear if we use adult skin products.

1. Nail polish as eyeliner

This is an absolute no. Nail polish contains so many chemical components that may severely damage the eye. Why would someone apply nail polish to their eyes if the bottle says "Keep away from eyes"?

Bonus: tips that actually work

1. Strong black tea for curing sunburn

The tannic acid in black tea is good for curing the unpleasant symptoms of a sunburn. It is a good substitute for special solutions with panthenol if you don't have them around.

2. Antistatic cloth for hair

This will help you but only as a temporary measure. It is necessary to cure the reason: dry and fragile hair.

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