14 Clothing Items That Can Disfigure Anyone

Clothes can hide any imperfections, enhance your strong side, and even change the proportions of your body by making you look slimmer and taller. Conversely, there are clothes that can make even model figures look ugly.

Bright Side has collected the items that should be avoided by every woman.

14. Shortened loose pants

Shortened loose pants divide your silhouette, making your legs look shorter. Moreover, loose pant legs make your body look like a triangle.

If you want to have this item in your wardrobe, you should choose the 7/8 model of pants, which nicely opens the ankle and enhances the length of your legs.

13. Dresses without a clear silhouette

A dress without a clear silhouette looks like a sack, and that is why it can spoil even the slimmest body shape. All because it adds extra volume in absolutely unexpected places.

It's better to give preference to dresses with defined waists, the styles of which will enhance the beautiful shapes of your feminine body.

12. Cropped clothes

Today's modern cropped tops, short vests, and jackets look great in Photoshopped pictures on Instagram. However, in reality, they usually open up those parts of the body that are better left hidden. Very few of us can boast the ideal flat tummy. Moreover, if you take a sitting position in cropped clothes, this naked part of your body will look like fatty tissue.

Buy clothes that cover your belly, and leave cropped styles for your next beach vacation.

11. Striped pants

Striped pants are a very tricky item in any wardrobe. Very often, stripes in the area of the hips and butt get stretched, making your body look wider.

Opt for pants without any strict prints. Conversely, some small graphic prints can hide little imperfections of the body. Moreover, this item can make you stand out in a crowd.

10. Shiny clothes

There is nothing bad in putting on a blouse with small beads or a sweater with pearl beads. However, a shiny sprayed blouse makes a woman look like a warrior in chain mail. Moreover, it usually adds shine to problem zones.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, choose blouses with bright images or pictures matching the colors of your look. By doing this, you will enhance your individuality and avoid extra inches.

9. Pantsuits that fit poorly

Usually, girls look beautiful in pantsuits. The strictness of the textures emphasizes femininity and fragility.

The suit should be tailored strictly to your measurements, not being too loose or too tight. Give your preference to a suit in a single color for a more harmonious look. And don't forget to complete your look with stilettos to make your legs look longer.

8. Pants with large prints

Pants with prints can freshen up and diversify any monochrome look. However, it is better to avoid large prints on the fabric because it breaks the proportions of the silhouette and enlarges the legs.

Choose pants of one tone with colorful inserts. For example, black stripes on the sides will make your legs look slimmer.

7. Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors in clothes divide the body into rectangles, giving a rough shift from the waist to hips.

When choosing a color scheme, try to match shades. This will help hide imperfections and enhance the strong aspects of your figure. Moreover, it will prevent both the top and the bottom from looking heavy.

6. Oversized clothes

Huge T-shirts, haphazard sweaters, and oversized jackets always look nice on runway models. But on other women, it seems that such clothes are shouting, "My washing machine has stretched my sweater!" or "Look how slim I've become!"

Don't add extra weight to your body. It is better to choose clothes according to your size with a fitted cut.

5. Faded denim

Stores are loaded with jeans in this style. However, it's better to avoid them. Thanks to the contrast of dark to light, the hips will look bigger and more massive than they are.

To look slimmer, give your preference to blue jeans of a single tone. Leave faded denim for lighter models.

4. Clothes with horizontal stripes

If you are not a girl with an extremely thin body, clothes with horizontal stripes will not make you look nice. They will also add volume to your figure.

Contrast lines will look much better and highlight your shape correctly. For example, the lines on a V-neck will enhance your breasts and graceful collarbones.

3. Blouses with large prints

A large print makes your body look like a square, visually making it heavier. Moreover, the print sometimes gets stretched or the cloth fits incorrectly, thus changing the proportions of the body.

It's better to give preference to single-tone blouses with a bright emphasis on the collar, for example. Or you can choose things with a little print on the sleeves or in the waist zone. That will help you look slimmer.

2. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirts look nice on slim tall girls. However, girls that are plumper can look larger in these skirts.

Also, you shouldn't forget about the eternal fashion rule: if you close the top part of your body, you should open the bottom, and vice versa. This means if you choose a closed blouse with long sleeves, it's better to combine it with a short skirt. If you close your body completely, the body will lose its elegance.

1. Shapeless cardigans

Knitted cardigans of uncertain sizes with stretched edges are good for keeping warm in winter. Usually, this model shortens the legs thanks to its uncertain length. A woman in such a cardigan looks like a shapeless ghost.

Choose cardigans in your size which fit well, especially in the areas of the shoulders, and do not have loose sleeves.

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