14 Eternal Things That Ring a Bell With Every Girl

Every girl has her own unique style and appropriate clothes, interesting hobbies, and many other things. But there’s something that unites all women around the world, and these comics are going to put them front and center. Check yourself too!

Bright Side has conducted a tiny bit of internet research, and here’s the list of things every girl definitely has.

Chocolate in an underwear drawer

Ripped tights that we wear because they are “invisible under pants anyway”

It’s old and loose, but it’s still her favorite sleep t-shirt.

A museum dress: It’s awesome, but she doesn’t know when and where she can wear it (and it may have gone out of style).

A closet that has “nothing she can wear”

A box with memorable things that she loves

The “If I lose weight” jeans

A “mini” first aid kit in all of her bags

Cheap jewelry that she doesn’t wear but still keeps

Sports equipment that is covered with dust

A playlist with sad music for moments when she wants to cry

Empty cream jars that she “might need”

Panties that cost more than her husband’s shirts

Shoes bought during sales that will last forever

Bonus: An ex she regrets. Where was her brain when she started dating him?

Bonus #2: Eyes that could kill

How many things from the list do you have?

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for Bright Side
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