14 Food Comparisons That Will Make You Forget About Diets

To get the desired body shape, not only will you have to do sports but you also need a low-calorie diet. And any diet, as a rule, requires amazing willpower because sometimes you feel a huge temptation to eat something tasty, sweet, and even harmful. But your diet says no.

For those who have to count calories, Bright Side has compared products of different categories to understand if one can eat what they want and not gain weight.

1/2 pack of rice cakes = 3 nuggets

100 g of broccoli = 1 marshmallow

100 g of dried fruit = 1 muffin

1 apple = 1 handful of jelly bears

100 g of muesli = 1 small pack of chips

1 glass of kefir (2.5%) = 1 medium cappuccino

1 glass of multifruit smoothie = 1 small bottle of Coca-Cola

1 handful of walnuts (100 g) = 1 order of French fries

100 g of raisins = 100 g of jelly candies

4 boiled eggs = 1 cheeseburger

3.2% yogurt with fruit pieces = 1 medium croissant with stuffing (15 g)

100 g of brown rice = 2 Viennese waffles

1 low-calorie fitness bar = 1 strawberry ice cream

1 boiled chicken breast = 1 tasty homemade pancake

So does it mean we can eat whatever we want?

  • Both yes and no. We should remember that too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Sometimes you can replace low-calorie products with something tasty and even a little harmful. It will give you some psychological relief, support in sticking to your diet, and help in achieving your desired results.
  • However, you shouldn’t forget that there are many other important elements in our food in addition to calories. For example, amino acids, healthy fats, and vitamins that help to build up our body and are contained in vegetables and low-calorie food in large amounts.
  • That is why when often choosing harmful food, we lose these elements. This, in its turn, means that we are not getting healthier even if we are not gaining weight.
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