15 beautiful hairstyles for those who adore their ponytail

What could be simpler, and at the same time more elegant and feminine, than long hair gathered into a ponytail? Perhaps that's why so many women love to arrange their hair in this style.

Yet we all want a bit more variety sometimes. That's why we at Bright Side have put together this selection of alternatives for your favorite hairstyle.

A ponytail and braid combination

A side ponytail with a twist

Fifties style

A gorgeous interlaced effect

With a bow made from hair

A smart side ponytail

Perfect for a workout

Simple yet elegant

A double knot

Greek style

A beautiful 'fish tail'

A striking braid-ponytail combination

A 'seashell' style

A twisted ponytail

A great variant of a French braid

Source Based on material from: , ladiesvenue.ru
Preview photo credit brit.co
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