15 Helpful Tips for Ensuring Your Makeup Won’t Run in Hot Weather

Hot weather is a real endurance test for our everyday makeup.

To help you deal with this problem, Bright Side has compiled some indispensable advice on applying cosmetics during those sweltering summer months!

1. Choosing the right cream

Top stylists and dermatologists recommend that you avoid using oil-based creams throughout the summer.

2. Creating a foundation for your makeup

Before using a toner, treat your skin to some moisturizing cream and apply primer. This will help your makeup last longer, which is a definite plus on a hot day.

3. Applying cosmetics

Do not apply cosmetics with your fingers - use sponges and makeup brushes instead. This will allow you to put makeup on in a thin layer, which is an ideal solution for going out in the summer heat.

4. Using instant tanners

Instant tanners and bronzers can both make your eyes look brighter and set off the whiteness of your teeth. To make the effect appear more fresh and natural, apply such cosmetics to the areas that are most prone to tanning (forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose).

5. Keeping makeup to a minimum

All too often, our makeup fails to pass the heat challenge and begins to melt. Therefore, your golden rule should be the less makeup, the better! A simple combination of moisturizing cream, concealer, and mascara will be sufficient to see you through the summer months.

6. Combating greasy sheen

Healthy and shiny skin is always a pleasant sight to behold. But not quite so if your skin possesses more of a greasy luster (a condition that becomes more apparent during the hot season). To prevent your skin from acquiring an unhealthy gloss, try using lighter-colored cream foundations. As they interact with the fat secreted by the skin pores, such foundations turn visibly darker.

7. Avoiding saturated colors

Make sure that your summer cosmetics arsenal doesn't include deep, saturated colors. They will look coarse and might 'alter' your features in an unfavorable way (for instance, by making your eyelids appear overly heavy). We recommend you use pastel and nude-tinted makeup instead.

8. Choosing ideal eye shadows

Summer heat makes cream-based eye shadows curdle and congeal into small lumps all over your eyelids. This gives your face an unkempt appearance. To avoid the problem, try using liquid eye shadows. Such shadows are easy to use and can be applied evenly over the whole face area. They are quickly absorbed by the skin and stay on your face for a long time without smudging or melting.

9. Using rouges

In hot weather, dry rouges unavoidably come into contact with sweat. This leads to the appearance of unsightly stains. If you want to give your face a healthy glow, choose liquid rouges. Apply them in a very thin layer to avoid the excessive gloss effect and ensure that your skin is able to breathe.

10. Choosing the right powder

It is inadvisable to use pressed powders on hot, sunny days. Contact with direct sunlight and sweat will cause them to solidify and form a nasty-looking crust. To avoid this problem, employ loose powders - they can keep your makeup intact for many hours.

11. Selecting durable mascara

Water-resistant mascaras are indispensable throughout the bathing season. What's more, they won't let you down during those flash summer rains!

12. Finding a suitable eye and brow pencil

Avoid using wax-based pencils in hot weather. Even a brief walk in the sun will cause your makeup to go runny!

13. Applying the right lipstick

Don't use long-lasting lipsticks - in summertime, they're sure to have a strong parching effect on your lips. We advise you to go for lip glosses instead - such makeup is easy to fix and, what's more, it provides good nutrition for your skin.

14. Experimenting with your color palette

Summer is the perfect season for experimenting with your makeup palette. Using bright and vibrant colors will give your face a newfound glow. If you prefer neutral tones, simply apply a bit more rouge.

15. Using matting tissues

In summertime, always keep matting tissues handy. They'll help you to quickly fix your makeup, get rid of greasy sheen, and remove beads of sweat from your face.

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