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15 Photos That Prove Magic Wands Actually Exist — and They’re Called Makeup Brushes


Makeup is a double-edged sword — with or without it people will judge you anyway. For many, makeup can provide them with a little self-confidence and if it works, why not use it? In fact, a dermatologist named Fayne L. Frey of Dermatology & Dermatological Surgery in New York says, “There are no studies that show makeup application has any downside for most women.” But of course, this depends on your skin type and how a product reacts to it.

Bright Side brings you these women who rock makeup in such a way that you’ll be convinced that happiness can be achieved by a little touch of a brush and some pretty colors on your face.

In the original videos, these girls are removing their makeup, but we have reversed the images to give you an exact idea of how they looked before and after the makeup application. And don’t miss our amazing bonus at the end of the article!

Like she suddenly came out of a fairytale...

Going to the extreme to get that perfect bridal look

This look has the power to kill someone.

When you want to look good for a friend’s wedding:

Well, that’s a perfect chin!

Those elf ears though...

She reminds us of an ancient Korean beauty.

Perfection personified

Straight from the pages of anime

This looks a bit painful.

Does the chin perfection thing irritate you?

It’s all about feeling good!

Princess of her own world

This nose job done to perfection

Too cute to ignore!


Never let anything stand in your way.

It’s absolutely fine to feel good about yourself, be it with makeup or without it — it’s just a matter of choice. Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit Amazing Hairstyles