15 Pieces of Evidence Showing That Fashion Moves in a Circle

Everything repeats itself in life, and fashion is no exception. What we now call "novelties" and "fashion trends" were all invented long ago and have already been tried by fashionistas.

When we at Bright Side decided to find out where popular fashion trends came from, we again realized that most of them have already been invented and followed by fashion lovers over the years.

15. Trenches from the 1940s

1901 was the year when the word "trench" first appeared in the fashion world, when the British military ministry approved it as clothing for soldiers. After World War I, the trench was transferred to the cloakrooms of civilians, and fashionistas all over the world fell in love with it. A huge role in this was played by the movies of the '40s-'60s: the trench appeared in Casablanca, The Key, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and many other films. It has become a truly cult item.

14. Nighties from the 1990s

This slip dress looks like a real nightie, as if you’ve just woken up and immediately decided to go to a party. It remains a favorite outfit of fashion lovers, both today and 2 decades ago.

13. Chokers from the 2000s

Probably each and every girl of the noughties had a trendy collar called a "choker." Today celebrities again set us an example of being stylish by wearing this kind of accessory.

12. Frills from the 19th century

Frills, jabots – all this cute girly stuff has once again returned to us.

They were popular in the 1920s and the 2000s and were especially popular among fashionable ladies of the previous century.

11. Bell-bottoms from the 2000s

Bell-bottoms (or flares) have gained extreme popularity again. But now fashionistas combine flares with long pants or culottes.

10. Peplum from the 1940s

An overskirt, or peplum, perfectly emphasizes the beauty of a woman’s shape, at the same time hiding any imperfections. This indispensable piece of clothing is now mostly worn with tight jeans or skirts, but, of course, you are free to experiment and set new trends in fashion.

9. Bob haircuts from the 1990s

The bob haircut has become highly popular again with only one difference: now we prefer a lengthened version and choppy bob hairstyles.

8. Midi skirts from the 1930s

Mini and maxi skirts have been put off until better times. The absolute favorite of modern fashion is a midi skirt. Though even this isn't a novelty – it was popular 80 years ago.

7. Cuffed jeans from the 1990s

In the 1990s, we made small cuffs on jeans called "pyramids." Shortened pants are on trend today, and you can make your casual jeans more fashionable by making wide cuffs.

6. "Banana jeans" or "pyramids" from the 1980s

Tapered jeans – also called "banana jeans" or "pyramids" – were extremely popular in the '90s among both girls and boys. In 2017 they are popular again, but now they suit girls only.

5. Socks with shoes or sandals from the 1940s

Socks with shoes or sandals were a fashion trend in the 1930s and 1950s. Then the excitement subsided, and this funny combination was forgotten for a while. But in 2014, socks with shoes and sandals suddenly reappeared in the fashion industry. This trend later moved from fashion shows to the everyday life of true fashionistas. However, not all fashion experts agree that this combination is successful. So be careful!

4. Oversized coats from the 1980s

The oversized coat that looks like your man just put his overcoat on your shoulders so you won’t get cold on a chilly night. It's back!

3. Pointed toe shoes from the 2000s

Shoes with very pointed toes were an iconic item for fashionistas in the noughties. In 2017, pointed shoes are trendy again. They're more elegant and delicate but still stylish.

2. Culottes from the 1950s

Culottes have come a long way in fashion and have often been an indispensable trendy item of ladies’ clothing. Today we love and wear them again. They can be part of a casual look or worn as part of a formal outfit. Try different lengths, colors, and materials.

1. Swimsuits from the 1950s

Swimsuits as we know them today appeared in the 1950s and immediately became popular among ladies. Since then a lot of models, forms, and styles have changed, from conservative swimming costumes up to ultra hot bikinis. Now, more than 60 years later, one-piece swimsuits are extremely trendy again.

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