16 cool ways to transform an old T-shirt

16 cool ways to transform an old T-shirt

If you have an old T-shirt, don't be in a hurry to part with it. These 16 awesome life hacks will help you to turn an ordinary T-shirt into a stylish summer outfit.

The Bright Side's team is pretty sure that you'll rarely see anyone with a T-shirt like these!


A step-by-step instruction lies here.

Geometrical Cut

See the details here.


How to make it.

Front Knot

Slashed Heart

The details lie right here.


See the link for a step-by-step guide.

T-Shirt Bathing Suit

Look here to see how to make it.

Triple Twist

The details are here.


You'll find the description here.


See how to make it.

Open Back

To learn the details, click here.

All-Seeing Eye

Click the link if you like it.


Halter Top

See the tutorial.

Open Shoulders

Wanna have the same look? Click here.


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