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16 Situations That Prove Being a Girl Is a Real Challenge

Being a woman isn’t just about having fun, it includes dealing with problems too. Women have to take the initiative when guys don’t understand their hints, be able to come up with creative excuses, and they even have to explain that their food cravings wake up way more often than just once a month.

We at Bright Side will prove that girls always have something to share about their lives. But they know how to make the most of any situation and they never give up.

There are some things that men should already know.

You have to overcome a lot of things in a relationship.

Nature: “In general, men’s and women’s faces look the same. There are some differences, but we’re still the same species.”

Almost every animation studio:

Why should we set a limit?

But some days are truly special.

“I sent these texts to my boyfriend. And he bought all of it.”

This one is easy!

A perfect job is often invisible.

“I tried a mask on for a photography project, left it on the toilet lid, and completely forgot about it. When I walked into my bathroom 2 hours later, I got pretty scared.”

When you’re still an introvert, even when you don’t have to talk directly to the retail associates:

“I’ve been saying to my girlfriend for a month that a bag she really wanted is horrible and that she shouldn’t buy it. I just decided to give it to her as a gift.”

When coming up with trivial excuses is not your style:

“I decided to not spend any more time giving hints.”

When bragging about buying a new iPhone wasn’t cool yet:

“Asked my boyfriend to take a spontaneous picture of me. It turned out like this...”

Guys’ observations are sometimes pretty precise.

Which events from your life made you or your female friends feel like you were part of some kind of a challenge?

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