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17 Hairdos for Any Age That Make You Look Younger

Diligently growing your hair to the desired length and then suddenly cutting it short (only to begin dreaming of having long hair all over again) is a situation that every woman will find familiar.

Today Bright Side invites you to break this vicious circle. The pictures below prove that short hairdos look great at any age!

In Your 20s

20 is a perfect age for experimenting with haircuts and looking for your own inimitable style. Asymmetric hairdos, unusual hair colors, daringly shaved sides, and extremely short elfin-style hair: for young girls, the choice is truly limitless.

In Your 30s

Note: The woman in the photo is 24. The subtitle shows not her age, but a recommendation for an appropriate hairstyle for women in their 30s.

Haircuts for 30-year-olds should be as easy to style and care for as possible. At this age, it is better to abandon bold colors. Women with regular delicate features should opt for short boyish haircuts. Those with thick well-groomed hair will benefit from having long straight hairdos. Stylists advise changing one’s hairstyle gradually without making drastic alterations to the overall image.

In Your 40s

After 40, one usually tries to look younger. To make this possible, choosing the right haircut is crucial. You should opt for hairdos that require minimal styling: complex creations can add a few unwanted years to your appearance. Avoid strict straight lines. The best option would be to go for hairstyles with a slight touch of casualness, which helps to increase volume.

In Your 50s

Stylists recommend steering clear of smooth haircuts after 50, as well as very long or very short hairdos. To give your hair volume, use graduated haircuts and light waves. Avoid monochromatic coloring: it’s better to use several different shades. Medium-length hair should be styled in light waves, while short haircuts should have volume and a touch of deliberate untidiness.

In Your 60s

A pixie cut with a messy texture is an ideal variant for this age. To increase volume, keep the roots darker than the rest of the hair.

In Your 70s

A textured bob or pixie haircut will add some sharpness to the face. Use layering and waves to increase volume. It is better to opt for hairdos that require minimal styling.

... and after this age, forget about the rules and do whatever you like!

Bonus: Advice for every age

A tight bun, braid, or ponytail draws attention to every line and wrinkle on your face. Pull out short strands from your hairline for a more carefree look with a voluminous bun.

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