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17 Ingenious Ways to Get The Lips Of Your Dreams

We at Bright Side are always looking for ways to help women feel more beautiful and attractive. That’s why we tracked down these 17 tricks that will help you make your lips look luxurious and healthy, and always at minimum cost.

  1. Lip balm, when applied before you put on your lipstick or lip gloss, serves as a wonderful foundation for the latter. It also softens your lips.
  2. If you’re worried that the color of your lipstick is too bright, first apply only a thin layer. Then, with very careful movements, spread it across the surface of your lips.
  3. To make your lips look fuller, apply 2 layers of lipstick: a darker one over the whole surface of your lips and a lighter one only in the middle of your lips. Now blend them together.
  1. Do you want a matte shade for your lips? Apply a thin layer of translucent powder over the top of your lipstick, and leave it to sit for a minute. Now brush off any excess.
  2. No lipstick to hand and it’s an emergency? Mix a little Vaseline with your eye shadow, and apply it to your lips with your fingers.
  3. To make sure you don’t make a mistake when using lip liner, buy it with the lipstick it’s paired with so you can make sure the shades match.
  4. Drawing an accurate line with lip liner will be easier if you blunt the tip slightly using a tissue or a cotton pad.
  5. Several different lip liner colors that you are bored of can give you a whole new shade if mixed together when applied to your lips.
  6. Using the ombre technique, make the corners and edges of your lips darker than in the center. The transition from light to dark should be very soft.
  7. To make your lips tender and soft, regularly pass a toothbrush over them.
  1. You can make thin lips look fuller by using lip gloss only in the center of your lips.
  2. Lip gloss won’t become smudged or smeared if you apply a thin layer of translucent powder over the top of it. Blot it with a tissue afterward.
  3. Apply a little highlighter to the center of your lips to get that "natural sheen" look.
  4. Draw a line slightly above the natural edge of your lips using lip liner, and fill in with lipstick. This really helps to accentuate your lips.
  5. Unless required by the overall style of makeup you’re going for, avoid using dark shades of lipstick. More often than not, these make your lips appear smaller.
  6. When using bright lipstick or lip gloss, pay attention to the direction in which you apply it to your lips: you should go from the center to the corners. This will help your lips to shine and look fuller.
  7. Do you want natural pink lips? Blend any lip peel mask with food color, and apply the mixture to your lips using a Q-tip. After it dries (within 10 minutes), just start peeling it from one corner, and then remove the mask completely.
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