17 Oh-So-True Situations Known to Every Woman

Women are beautiful yet unpredictable beings, capable of surprising everyone...including themselves.

Bright Side shares 17 photographs of typically female shenanigans that men would never understand.

Gratings and uneven surfaces are ladies' worst enemies.

After a game of bowling.

When you've straightened your hair, and it's sleeting outside.

Girls never confuse their cups - each has her own mark on hers.

The wind has its own vision of your hair style.

This is true horror.

Buying our 30th pair of shoes. We swear these are really comfortable.

Realizing that it's only comfortable to sit wearing them.

Thick hair is awesome! Not without its drawbacks, though.

When you forgot you had makeup on and rubbed your eyes.

Women are walking and talking works of art.

Although sometimes it's more impressionism than classicism.

Men have a hard time discerning creamy from nude or powder. Or ivory from milky coffee.

Or understanding what's inside our enormous bags...

...or what could possibly fit in ones such as this.

Preview photo credit dasha_zamyatinaa
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