17 Things No Man Can Resist

A woman’s sexiness can be elusive but extremely simple. It’s inherent in us from the moment we’re born, but some women aren’t sure how to use it.

We at Bright Side remembered some tricks that any woman can easily benefit from and that men simply cannot resist.

When a woman slightly bites her lip

Children show a similar gesture when they’re excited or afraid: they bite their lip, and that makes their whole image more touching. A man will feel affectionate toward you, and at the same time your lips will attract his attention.

Smooth skin

There’s nothing sexier than a woman with smooth skin. It was not without reason that women started to remove body hair in the times of ancient civilizations, like the Romans and Egyptians.

A strict hairstyle

First of all, such a hairstyle makes your whole image more businesslike and, at the same time, hot. It also shows your neck and ears, which are normally covered by your hair.

An unusual look

When a man sees a stand-out woman, he feels a desire to get to know her better. Creative people attract everyone, don’t they? Tattoos or blue hair can be a wonderful reason to begin a conversation.

When a woman wears a man’s shirt

Wearing his clothes, she somehow says, "I want your shirt close to my body." The man understands that she means not only his shirt, but also him.

An over-the-shoulder glance

A mysterious look over the shoulder has its own special magic. It is for a good reason that advertising posters from the past century present beauties looking at us exactly this way.


When a woman who knows she’s gorgeous enters the room, she immediately draws the eye of all the men present. But it’s important to not let self-assurance become overconfidence, because there’s nothing more repulsive.

Bare shoulder styles

The fact is that rounded, sloped shoulders raise in men the desire to embrace and protect. And a style that bares the shoulders adds delicacy and sexiness to a woman’s look.

A beautiful walk in heels

Some women dislike heels, and some cannot imagine a day without them. But if a woman decides to wear high heels, she must be sure her gait will be smooth and beautiful. Otherwise, their magic will be totally ruined.

A sexy voice

Men are charmed by a high breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe’s. Her contemporaries told it affected men just like Viagra.

Full lips

Mildly full, bright lips are one of the most well-known signs of a woman’s attractiveness. Just remember that it’s better not to purse your lips on purpose — most likely, this gesture will spoil your appearance.


Elegance brings a perfect balance: it doesn’t display a woman’s sexiness, but it doesn’t hide it either. Elegance is about the whole image of a woman, from the way she behaves to her choice of accessories.

Sport leggings

Leggings attract attention to a woman’s silhouette. They do look more natural in a gym or out on a run, not in the store. This is an additional reason for ladies to do their workouts.


They look very feminine, cause associations with childhood, and suit lots of women. But unfortunately girls are often trying to get rid of them, considering freckles a drawback.

Natural makeup

The stronger part of humanity likes natural beauty, not multiple layers of foundations and blushes. They say they’re happy to see us without any makeup, and even if we know we’re wearing a thin layer of BB-cream on our faces and our eyelashes are covered with mascara, we’ll keep it a secret.


Glasses give our image some strictness and inapproachability that attracts men like a magnet. Besides, you can flirtatiously play with this accessory in your hands. And this glance over the glasses...

Sincere laughter and smiles

Many girls fear that a wide smile can spoil their image. In reality, it isn’t so: all men adore women expressing their emotions freely and openly.

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