18 Painful Photos Every Girl Can Relate to

Every woman is a whole universe, fathomless and infinite. The problems that each girl has to struggle with are equally infinite.

Bright Side decided to bring up some rough moments that happen to us every day to remind you once again: you are not alone.

18. This is what a broken heart looks like.

17. When you’re trying to hitch up your jeans...

16. Your size is always the most sought after.

15. Oh, the faces you make trying not to smudge your lip gloss!

14. The agony of choosing

13. This is even more painful than breaking up.

12. After every shower...

11. Your hair is everywhere.

10. Always at the worst moment imaginable...

9. One thought in your head: "Don’t blink!"

8. When you forgot you were wearing mascara:

7. Happens to absolutely every hair band.

6. All girls are familiar with this struggle.

5. Every time you try to slip into your new stylish jeans:

4. It’s hard to not be thin.

3. Being thin is no easier.

2. The worst thing that can happen in the middle of the day:

1. Or perhaps this one is the worst?

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