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18 Things That Only Women Will Understand

To men, women's lives sometimes seem incomprehensible, and all the joys and difficulties of life that the fairer sex come up against appear trifling or concocted.

We at Bright Side decided to reveal what women have to deal with every day.

When it seems you've finally found the ideal pair of jeans, you usually discover that they have just one deficiency.

Why haven't the people who make jeans learned to make the material thicker in those places where it tears so easily?

If you go to bed in the evening with wet hair, you'll see something like this in the mirror when you wake up:

One day of walking in your new shoes means the following week will be spent wearing flip-flops.

Glasses always get stuck in your hair. Always!

One other difficult challenge your hair has to face:

Going to bed still wearing makeup is not the best idea...

A sign that something's definitely wrong:

We've all been in that situation when you've put on lip gloss, and then you find it's super windy outside.

What happens when you undo your ponytail at the end of the day.

The beginning of the end.

The moment when life stopped.

Although if your eye shadow shattered inside your bag, life will at least be painted in totally new colors.

Girls leave traces everywhere.

Literally everywhere.

Maybe it ends only in a parallel universe.

It's hard for a girl to stay beautiful all day.

But they know how to reward themselves for their hard work.

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