18 Truly “Female” Photos Recreated by Men With a Wonderful Sense of Humor

There are millions of photos on the internet and social networks that can be split into "male" and "female" photos. But the funniest ones are those where brave guys decide to try on the most popular poses and scenes that girls like to create when taking photos of themselves. These men set a really great example.

Bright Side found the most prominent works where the transformative talent of the models is combined with their wonderful sense of humor.

18. Girls love to have the right ambience in their photos.

17. She's tired today.

16. Girls also can be strong.

15. It's so great to spend time with your girls and have a chat over a glass of wine.

14. No words are needed.

13. Decent girls spend winter nights with a book.

12. I am with my girls getting ready for the Christmas party. The masks are in place.

11. Every girl should not only have a look but also know how to cook.

10. This is the birthday party of a strong and independent woman.

9. Everyone has a girlfriend who makes fun of every shot.

8. She's beautiful even in the country style.

7. Take a photo of me when I emerge gracefully from the water.

6. When I made something cute with my girls...

5. Sometimes it's good to be by yourself and feel blue.

4. My babe and I are finally out in the fresh air.

3. I was great on the slope, and now it's time to strike a pose.

2. I'm not bold. I'm free.

1. Stylish as always!

Of course, men have to prepare properly to copy girls' images from the internet. They have to find the right props and research current trends. But the main thing is to be able to deliver these images with humor. That is why such photos have become so popular in social networks.

Share your opinion in the comments below. What do you think about such transformations?

Preview photo credit instarix00 / instagram
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