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19 Funny Photos Showing What Real Women’s Friendship Is All About

Many people think that women’s friendship is some kind of a phantom. However, it is possible to meet it in real life, though probably a little less often than we would want to.

Bright Side collected several photo proofs that only real friends will understand.

19. "My girls helped me create cool lights to make my photo with pizza look more impressive."

18. Your friend will do anything for your ideal beach photos.

17. "Called her for 5 minutes."

16. You realize how close you are to your friend when you are standing naked in her bathroom.

15. You can wear friendship bracelets and matching rings with your bestie.

14. When you go to the manicure salon together....but separately!

13. Only a real friend will notice and remove a hair that you missed while shaving.

12. Or she can shave your legs herself — it’s more reliable.

11. "My friend hid behind the balloon swan to ’adjust’ the best position for my photo."

10. How do girls live without their friends? Who zips their dresses? It’s a whole ritual!

9. "My friend threw a party for me to celebrate one year since I broke up with my ex."

8. "Parties are not the only way we entertain. We can easily spend an evening decorating Halloween cookies."

7. "What we post on our Instagram vs. what our neighbors see."

6. At my bestie’s wedding.

5. "I got my driving license, and my friend threw a party for the occasion."

4. You even set your photos on your phone’s wallpaper when you miss each other.

3. You forgive each other’s little weirdnesses.

2. When you need to teach your boyfriend a lesson and make him jealous, your true friend is always there to help.

1. "My friend has been packing for me and my son all night long because I was very tired. This morning, I found a list and a photo of the packed items."

"You need to add several bras yourself. I left a morning bottle for Juju in the fridge. Grab several snacks for him. Your cosmetic bag, his wipes, and several diapers are in your bag together with deodorant, lotion, and 2 face masks. Don’t forget your toothbrush! Regarding Juju, his morning clothes are on the chest of drawers. I packed several pairs of shoes for him. His towel is on the airer. The rest of his diapers are in the bag (yellow). I have packed for him: 5 sets of pajamas (marked with pink), 2 swimming trunks (blue), 2 pairs of shorts (green), 7 sets of everyday clothes (orange), 2 pairs of socks (black), and 10 bibs (white)."

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