19 Girl Trends You Either Hate or Love

Trendsetters are ready to do anything to come up with something new and original, and some of these bizarre ideas become trends that move from the runways to the city streets.

In order to prevent you from fainting when seeing these "miracles," Bright Side brings to your notice the 19 strangest girl trends you're either going to love or hate.

19. Feather brow

A viral internet trend. Instagram has different variants of feather eyebrows: with glitter, in the style of peacock feathers, with intricate patterns. This method is only for those who have thick eyebrows. For others, there is another awesome trend.

18. False eyebrows

False eyebrows have become a new trend since bushy eyebrows are back in fashion. Previously, girls had to draw on or tattoo their eyebrows, but now there are small "wigs" that last from 3 days to 2 weeks.

17. Ear makeup

Stylists and beauty bloggers like the idea of decorating ears with every possible color. Fashionistas are advised to paint only the lobe, the ear contour, or the entire ear (as in the picture with the golden makeup). Mere mortals may find this idea rather strange.

16. Lollipop lips

The lipstick is slightly smeared and goes beyond the natural contour of the lips as if imitating the consequences of eating a lollipop. Even if you don't apply lipstick properly or smear it in your haste, you're still a most fashionable woman. A very convenient trend!

15. Unicorn hair

Ideal for those who are crazy about unicorns: your hair will look exactly like a fantastical creature's mane. Some were delighted with the new trend, while others considered it extremely impractical: the paint washes out too quickly.

14. Unicorn nails

Since we've started talking about unicorns, here is another novelty related to them – Unicorn nails. They exist in different versions but always feature an abundance of glitter as well as pastel and pearly shades.

13. Wet eyelids

Wet eye shadow consists of transparent primer, eye gloss, and other components. The makeup isn't very persistent: it begins to accumulate in the folds of the eyelid or running just 10 minutes after application. The trend is more suitable for a photo session than walking around the city.

12. LED eyelashes

Designers have come up with luminous false eyelashes with LED strips attached using a special glue. These "Christmas lights" work in 3 modes: blinking, shimmering, or sparkling. Despite the spectacular look, fashionistas are still skeptical about this new trend.

11. Barbed wire and dragon brows

Experiments with eyebrows are gaining momentum. It seems that soon there will be salons exclusively for eyebrows. Here are another couple of original options for your eyebrows. The latter clearly appeared following the wave of popularity of Game of Thrones.

10. Glitter booty

A bright trend for those who are not afraid to stand out. It's easy to follow this fashion fad – just put glitter on your buttocks and glue it to your skin with styling gel or hair spray. As for the convenience of this trend, the editorial team has great doubts.

9. Squiggly lips

Apparently, someone thought that lip contouring was not enough and drew extra curves. Squiggly lips seem to be a bizarre trend in makeup, but it really exists and is actively going viral on the internet.

8. Squiggly eyebrows

The same fate befell the long-suffering eyebrows. They are being drawn on and set in the form of 2 symmetrical waves.

7. Braided brows

This was not the end of eyebrow adventures in the world of fashion. Stylists are now braiding eyebrows. No, you did not misinterpret: small neat braids in eyebrows.

6. Reverse eyeliner

This trend that puts the flick on the inside of the eye really causes cognitive dissonance. But this does not prevent beauty bloggers from inventing new makeup variants. Women have just learned to apply ordinary eyeliner properly, and now, what a blow...

5. Pom-pom makeup and nail design

This trend is more suitable for a theme party or a photo session than everyday life. But bloggers go on publishing new photos with makeup or nail designs in which pom-poms are used. You won't be able to wash the dishes with such nails, that's for sure!

4. Glitter tears

Some Hollywood stars have already tried this trend. So if you suddenly burst into tears and your makeup runs and leaves traces on your face, don't be upset! There's no need to worry about correcting your makeup.

3. Corset braids

Simply braiding your hair is a relic from the past. Advanced beauty bloggers first make braids, and then pull them together with strings like a corset.

2. Glitter tongue

Of course, this is spectacular. But how is it possible to eat with such "makeup"?

1. High-waisted jeans

Some hate them and call them "mom jeans," but it looks like high-waisted jeans are making a return. It's a well-known fact that fashion trends cycle every 20 years or so. So it's no surprise that this style is ready for a comeback.

Bonus: Tanning

It’s not exactly new, but we couldn’t help sharing the truth we discovered. Not only does tanning turn out to produce less than desirable results in the end but it is also outright dangerous. In fact, any exposure to direct sunlight beyond 15-20 minutes involves risk and damage to the skin.

Bonus 2: Hairy nails and their proud owner

Only the bravest or most desperate fashionistas dare to do this.

And what could you try from this list? Tell us in the comments!

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