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19 superb hairstyles that the summer heat is powerless to spoil

When the temperature outside soars above 30 degrees, we all search for ways to feel as comfortable as possible in the scorching heat. At the same time, no one wants to sacrifice their appearance in order to achieve this.

We at Bright Side have some great advice for you in this regard. Apart from wearing clothes made from natural fibers and drinking more water, try styling your hair in any of the following ways. That way your beauty will remain unaffected by the heat.

The pull-through braid

See this blog to find out how to do this.

A bun in two minutes

Everything's ingeniously simple with this one. Find the instructions here.

'Boxer' pigtails

Find out how to get the great new trend of the summer right here.

A French braid

This blogger knows how to turn an ordinary French braid into something truly incredible.

An elegant ponytail

A simple but unbelievably beautiful hairstyle. Find out how to do it here.

A French-style 'seashell'

An elegant yet simple hairstyle for a busy lady.

Criss-crossing braids

This hairstyle looks great both with and without a fringe.

A classic hair bun

Straightforward yet stylish. You can't go wrong with a classic hair bun.

A bun with braids

This hairstyle is ideal if you haven't got the time to put all of your hair into braids.

A gorgeous sideways braid

This is a great idea for medium-length hair.

A summer twist

Who said you can't braid short hair? Here's an example that proves you can.

Wonderfully intricate braids

A romantic hairstyle like this works perfectly for the hottest summer days.

A sideways twist

If you have very long hair, then this is a great way to arrange it.

An unusual but eye-catching French braid

You won't find many other braids quite so beautiful as this.

A braid becomes a bun

This is a great idea for those who don't have much time in the morning to style their hair.

A quick and casual braid

This one's for all those who find it hard to braid their hair.

A 'snake' braid

A truly elegant hairstyle fit for any occasion. Find out how to do it here.

Horseshoe braid

What you need for a hot summer day. Find out how to do it here.

A ballerina-style hair bun

This one's perfect for all those who dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer.

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