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20+ Awkward Situations That Any Woman May Go Through at Least Once in Her Life

Life is full of challenges, awkward situations, and surprises — and the best thing you can do about it is laugh! There are about 3.8 billion women on Earth and all of them are original and special, yet almost every girl can say “I feel you, sis,” whether you broke your nail right after getting a fresh manicure, you got a bad haircut, or you look like a wrapped up Bigfoot in your winter coat.

Here at Bright Side, we’re absolutely sure that you’ll find either yourself or your girlfriend in the pictures below. So scroll down and start counting it off on your fingers if you can relate.

1. My eyelashes vs my boyfriend’s eyelashes

2. Other girls wearing heels vs me

3. When finding good light for a selfie is vital:

4. Bed time: other girls vs me

5. When you think you’re not like the others:

6. Other girls wearing a beanie vs me wearing a beanie

7. The morning-after-a-party messy hair expectations vs reality

8. Follow me challenge: other girls vs me

9. What other girls’ bob haircuts look like vs mine

10. When you buy fancy leggings but don’t take sun into account:

11. Other girls on a diet vs me

12. Other girls enjoying winter vs me

13. When you think paparazzi is taking a pic of you and don’t realize a supermodel (Karlie Kloss) is right behind you:

14. When you thought you’d look tender and sweet in the bath photoshoot but you still look grumpy:

15. When you prepared a homework presentation at 2 a.m.:

16. How other girls come back from shopping vs me

17. Valentine’s Day for other girls vs me

18. Left brow vs right brow

19. At some point in life, every girl goes from the perfect Marie Kondo-style wardrobe to “that chair.”

20. Other girls being careful with makeup vs me and my forever crusty, dusty powder

21. Other girls taking a pic with a celebrity vs me

Did you recognize yourself in any of the photos? Do you have any stories or pics we could add to the list? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!