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20 great ideas for turning an old T-shirt into a stylish new top

How many women regularly look inside their wardrobe, stuffed full of clothes, and decide they have nothing to wear? By anyone's estimate, it must be quite a lot. But if that's precisely the thought that occurred to you this morning, don't be so quick to head to the mall. You can do something far more interesting, creative, and fun: make new and stylish outfits from old items of clothing.

Here are 20 ideas to get you started, courtesy of Bright Side.

An unusual method for creating an incredible 'spine' effect

You can find detailed instructions here.

Add some transparent fabric, an additional decoration (like a bow), and you've got yourself a great new top

To get this trick right, look here.

An easy-to-make but gorgeously feminine top

Read this article and learn how to make your own.

Add some sequins

The instructions are here.

Tassels can make an ordinary top into something special

This article explains all.

Beauty that's out of this world

Find out how to make your own similar print right here.

All you need are scissors and a little creativity

To make sure yours looks beautiful and stylish, go here.

The ombre effect works brilliantly on a simple T-shirt

A description of how to achieve it is here.

A couple of little changes can transform how you look

This article reveals all.

A really creative way to decorate your sleeves and create a whole new top

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Add some color

Find out how to make a beautifully bright vest in this video.

An ordinary top can become a beautiful dress

A simple method can be found here

An elegant decorative pattern

This one's easier than you think - find out here.

You can't go wrong with flowers

Grow them on your top by following these instructions.

A little hem can add a whole lot of charm

Find out how to do it here.

If your top's too big, try this

 This article offers some inspiration.

Summertime means watermelons

Follow these instructions to produce this beautiful pattern.

Another fantastic idea for a pattern you can do at home

Click here to find out more.

A great idea for going on vacation

This charming summer dress can be made easily enough using the method found here.

Another beautiful lace effect

Read about it here.

Preview image credit: David Zehnder / Virginie Peny

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