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20+ Pics That Show How Hard It Is Being a Woman

Women are called the gorgeous half of the world and they actually deserve this title. Exquisite and extraordinary beauties make men drop their jaws and write heart-burning letters asking for their hearts back. However, that doesn’t make a woman’s life easier. This article will tell you what difficulties these vulnerable creatures have to encounter from time to time.

Bright Side believes that the life of the characters in the following 24 photos isn’t full of failures and it’s only occasionally that their fate surprises them.

The eternal dilemma: ’Which color do I choose?’

Hair bands are not just for hair:

Trying to recreate that perfect manicure:

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way...”

When a fashion wish hits the variety jackpot in your wardrobe:

That moment when your husband got drunk and you have to take his bike home:

When you’re chasing fashion but fashion is always ahead of you:

“How my mom shops online”

“She either got divorced or got married to Groot.”

When you want your smartphone to be a little smarter:

“I just wanted to share my truth.... sorry you guys but the last picture is the real me.”

When you lack words, your home pets are there to help:

When there are 2 people living inside you and they are constantly fighting:

An accident is not a reason to relax — maybe your Prince Charming will appear right at this moment.

When you want to be completely dolled up at the party but the weather outside is terrible and could mess up your makeup:

All women are independent and strong, but fathers and husbands always know better when it comes to your car.

When you still want to be beautiful despite the obstacles:

There is only one bowl of cereal between love and hate:

Military women also want to be beautiful.

Apparently, she doesn’t want to hide her beautiful summer shoes under the shoe covers.

“My sister got this while waiting tables.”

When you want to prove to your husband that you can do it without him, but something goes wrong:

This girl had to pretend to be her granny in order to buy alcohol.

“My boyfriend asked me to text him updates from the World Cup while he was on his way home.”

Girls, what other obstacles have you encountered in your life? Please share them with us in the comments!

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