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20 Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Want to Unite in Despair

Every woman can remember a time when her high heels broke or when she wore uncomfortable shoes. But it turns out that females experience about 6 annoying struggles every day. So ill-fitting lingerie, endless lines for toilets, or painful blisters are only a tiny part of the troubles that they have to deal with.

Bright Side dug up and discovered 20 photos proving that you are never alone. Scroll down if you are ready to see the endless pain. And check out our bonus at the end of the article showing you how to turn it into something funny, in some situations at least.

1. “The cap fell off of my favorite lipstick while it was in my purse... What followed is my worst nightmare.”

2. This is why it’s better to not cry after a spray tan.

3. “I have not done anything to deserve this!”

4. “When the makeup girl at the shop helps you color match your tinted sunscreen...”

5. “Noooooooooo!!! Highlighter down!”

6. “Mascara tears, bitter and black...”

7. The battle that has no end.

8. We know that feeling...

9. My foundation exploded in my bag. The world is so cruel.

10. Broken heels — broken life.

11. “When you try to make your hubby a birthday cake from scratch...”

12. You’re lucky to have maybe 20% of your face visible when it’s windy outside.

13. You were too young.

14. Well, at least your forehead will be smooth and soft.

15. When you make a turmeric face mask without doing research:

16. “I accidentally glued my eyelid to my face with eyelash glue.”

17. No, this is not a crime scene. The hair dye just exploded.

18. “Do a peel off mask, they said. It will be fun, they said.”

19. The difference between expensive and cheap hair dryers on curly hair.

20. When you find out that your brand new eyeshadow has somehow exploded and coated everything:

Bonus: Here’s an idea for a “makeup fail” Halloween costume.

Continue this list of the most annoying struggles in the comments. And do not forget to share these fails with your best friend, to have a nice laugh together.

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