21 Photos That Show Pain Only Girls Can Understand

Personal failures happen to us girls almost daily, and it seems that the whole world has turned its back on us. However, that's no reason to cry. It's better to laugh at your failures and call your best friends who know how to help you because they've been through this before themselves.

Bright Side put together photos where every girl will find something of her everyday funny troubles.

21. Female superstition: if your nail is broken, you'll have to get a new manicure.

20. I sneezed while curling my eyelashes.

19. Oh, no! Not again!

18. Why not use Q-tips to apply my favorite lipstick?

17. Ouch!

16. Ouch again!

15. I love my dog, and he loves my shoes.

14. I dropped my new eye shadows. What do you know about pain?

13. Sweet-tooth nightmare

12. They just ran out of cleansing wipes.

11. Is it only me that knows how to do this?

10. I dropped my favorite foundation. This was the only remedy possible.

9. It seems I'm finished with this powder.

8. It's time to cut my hair short.

7. I've just washed my hair.

6. Wardrobe cleaning? Done.

5. Sculpture: Nothing to wear

4. I haven't put this skirt on since last winter.

3. Makeup purse saga

2. Hmmm. Concealers and the sun are not best friends.

1. Oh, come on. I just wanted to put some makeup on my pretty muzzle!

Ladies, what other unexpected situations happened to you? Share in the comments!

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