22 Situations That 99 Out of 100 Girls Are Familiar With

Every girl is unique and exceptional in her own way. However, many of us experience the same sudden attacks of gluttony while being on a diet and giving the silent treatment when we’re offended. All these things unite us no matter how different we are. As a woman, the main thing to remember is to keep calm and know that you are not alone even in the most awkward of situations.

At Bright Side, we appreciate women who are able to laugh at themselves! We invite you to look at how many things we all actually have in common.

“When people think that they hurt me”

It’s always important to make a good first impression.

When you’re short, all mirrors in public places seem to be teasing you.

Today’s fashion favors women’s comfort more than previous years.

“You can always tell whether your girlfriend is mad at you by looking at her knees.”

Nowadays, gentlemen should be put onto the Red List of Threatened Species.

When you’re at a party and your friend tells you all about that guy you were just talking to:

Sometimes it becomes an uphill battle to keep up an image when you’re in a relationship.

Being an adult means being practical.

“When I start my makeup vs when I finish”

Don’t ever stop!

When you know you’ll be passing the metro station where your ex lives:

It’s not that difficult to become a goddess, all you need to learn is to show up.

A woman’s ability to stay elegant in any situation

“It’s time to admit that we never do anything on purpose...”

“This is me trying to look younger after a kid on the street called me ’Auntie’.”

When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and suddenly see that nasty blemish:

It’s unfair that men need only 10 minutes to look perfect.

“How Instagram girls take a bath and how I take a bath at the end of a work week”

When you go to a beauty salon and ask to straighten the tips:

Even a fridge lock couldn’t stop a woman at this moment.

It’s a pity that we don’t always have time for a “real shower”.

Which of these situations from the compilation have you encountered? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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