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24 Tried and Tested Beauty Tips to Make Your Skin Glow

24 Tried and Tested Beauty Tips to Make Your Skin Glow

Many women use cosmetics every single day, but not all of them know the best ways to use the beauty products at their disposal.

We at Bright Side have put together 25 of the best pieces of advice to help your skin look perfect. We hope you find them useful!

The base

Provided you’ve managed to choose the right one for you and you know how to apply it correctly, foundation can work wonders. It refreshes your face and highlights its contours.

  1. Apply your daily moisturizing cream before applying any foundation. Allow it to dry, and wipe off any excess cream with a towel.

  2. Use a sponge or a brush to guarantee flawless application of your foundation.

  3. Once you’ve applied it, pat your face with a tissue.

  4. Always use a foundation which works to improve your skin. Oil-free formulas work best if your skin is prone to break out in spots; moisturizing versions are suited to those with normal or dry skin. There are also ’hypoallergenic’ creams for those with sensitive skin.

  5. Don’t test a foundation on your wrist or the bend of your arm — the skin here is significantly different in tone from that of your face. It’s best to try it on your face and wait several minutes. It will become slightly darker, and you’ll be able to see whether it’s right for your skin tone or not.

  6. Apply foundation using circular motions, moving from the center to the periphery.

  7. Avoid applying it in large quantities. It’s best to apply it in small, pea-sized amounts. That way your base will be more equally applied and will look more natural.

  8. It’s best to apply the base during daylight hours. Even if you have good artificial lighting in your bathroom, you should still check how you look in natural light — this will help you see where you’ve applied it unequally or made a mistake.


Every woman needs some concealer in her makeup bag. It can hide traces of tiredness, mask lines under your eyes, and cover spots and blemishes.

9. Always go for a concealer which is lighter in tone than your skin.

10. Apply your daily eye cream before putting on concealer. It will be much easier to apply if your skin is already moisturized.

11. It will also be much easier to apply if you warm up your fingers beforehand.

12. Always apply foundation before applying any concealer.

13. Never use foundation instead of concealer.


A compact is one of the most popular beauty accessories. Face powder can cover deficiencies in your skin and make it look perfect and smooth. It can also absorb excess grease from your skin and make it less bright.

14. Apply powder only after your moisturizing cream or foundation has completely dried.

15. The best way to apply powder is to use a sponge, a wide brush, or a powder puff.

16. Try to be consistent when applying powder: first apply it to your forehead, the side of your nose, your chin, and only then to your cheeks, cheekbones, and remaining areas.


Although many people use blusher, a lot of them aren’t aware of the basic rules for applying it. Using it properly can really help to bring out the most attractive features of your face.

17. Apply your blusher in several thin layers. That way it will last a lot longer.

18. Stick to a few simple rules when choosing blusher. For pale skin, it’s best to go for a light coral, a light pink, or a peach shade. For skin that is neither too pale nor too dark, a rich pink, warm lilac, or rich peach color will do the trick. For darker skin, go for a rich fuchsia, dark brown, or plum tone.

19. The best way to apply blusher is to smile. Move the brush from the part of your cheeks that protrudes the most in the direction of your cheek bones.

20. It’s always best to use too little blusher than to overdo it. Always check how you look under natural light.


The correct bronzer not only revitalizes the tone of your skin and gives it that beautiful tanned look, but also helps to bring out the features of your face, such as your nose and cheekbones.

21. Your bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your natural skin color. It should help give your skin a warm tone rather than make it look artificial.

22. Bronzer should never be applied to your whole face. Instead, it should go only on the most prominent parts which are the first to be hit by sunlight.

23. Pay attention to your neck line. You don’t want to have a face that looks tanned and a neck that still looks pale.

24. Apply your bronzer as though you are trying to draw the number ’3′ on your face. Apply it first to your forehead and then to your cheekbones before moving to your chin.

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