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25 Smart Women Who Have Ingenious Solutions to Any Problem

Many females have the ability to think outside the box and can come up with amazingly devious ideas. An average Joe would never consider making a beautiful gown out of an ordinary scarf or think window cleaner could be used to clean up a pair of sneakers.

Bright Side wants to show you several examples of creativity performed by women who have the kind of ingenuity that should be remembered for all time.

A gown made of a long scarf

“I met this genius woman on the plane.”

“Wake me up for food and drinks.”

She found the perfect place for her kittens.

“Long socks are for those days when you haven’t shaved your legs but still want to look hot!”

“Going skiing? Nah, just cutting onions.”

Next time you need to draw a straight line, you’ll know what to do.

“A random guy asked me from across the street, ’Why are you biking in heels?’ I yell back, ’Because it’s a lot easier than walking in them.’ ”

It’s a simple way to make a good thing even better.

If you have a kid with a walker, use pool noodles as bumpers to save your walls and ankles.

If you’re taking a shower and there’s no shelf, fold a towel to sport a “pocket”.

Ants hate chalk. Draw a chalk ring around your drink or outline your coasters and they won’t cross the line.

“Use your brother’s head while he’s playing if you don’t have a realistic wig head.”

Can’t reach your back? Use a hairbrush.

Don’t want to wait until your food cools down? Grab a fan.

“My mom found the perfect way to store chips.”

If you don’t have clean dishes, eat your cereal from a wine glass! It even looks sophisticated.

The best way to watch movies in the car

Don’t be upset if you don’t have a knife holder.

Soak your dirty sneakers in a mix of Mr. Clean and water overnight and enjoy the result the next day.

Looks like these door holders can be used in multiple ways.

“To make your sweet tea even tastier, add a vanilla cone to it. You can thank me later.”

If you’re too lazy to cook, make a cheese sandwich.

“I can turn my dad’s shirts into cute matching sets.”

Too lazy to cut a mango? Eat it like it’s an apple!

How to turn a $4 dress into a dream dress:

Which of the ideas above impressed you the most? Share your opinions in the comments.

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