24 Proofs That Perfect Social Network Photos Are a Shameless Lie

Social networks are one of the most important things in the lives of modern people. Sometimes we want to get as many likes as possible, and we are ready to use tricks and deceit in order to reach the desired popularity.

We at Bright Side were so amazed by this fact that we decided to show you the other side of beautiful social network photos.

24. Good-looking user pic

23. Behind the scenes

22. Still don't have a selfie stick? No problem, bro!

21. "I just love these exotic trees on my way to the beach."

20. Well, what are friends for?

19. Dubai

18. "Finally got her back on the water!"

17. "I'm about to take a bite from this huge burger!"

16. "My new kitchen!"

15. "Traveling with my girlfriend."

14. "Here's how my working space looks right now!"

13. Nice weather!

12. Pensive mood

11. One last gasp

10. Maldives

9. "I was taking a fake falling photo. My dog believed it and rushed to save me..."

8. Just one second before...

7. Pure bliss

6. "My dog just won the main prize!"

5. At one with nature

4. Food blogging is not as easy as it seems.

3. "Finally on vacation. I deserve it!"

2. "Sitting next to a pretty blond. Life is good."

1. "What is she doing?!"

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