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5 Hairstyles to Make Your Princess the Most Beautiful Girl

It’s true that we don’t always have time to do braids every morning. But once or twice a week you can make your daughter feel like a real princess for the whole day.

We found interesting, stylish, and extremely cute hairstyles for girls with long hair and reproduced them at Bright Side. During the photo session, you could just feel the girls’ major happiness in the air!

Princess Leia

Reverse French braid

Flower + French braid

Explanation for steps 9-12
First, make a braid from the tail and roll it into a flower. Fix with hairpins and hairgrips (step 9). Then take the second, lower braid, roll it around the first one (step 10), and fix with hairpins (step 11). Hide the end between the strands (step 12).

Figure-eight bun

The braid in this delicate and spectacular hairstyle passes around the head, forming the figure eight — or the infinity sign — right from the forehead (see step 5). Hide the end of the braid between the strands of the first ’daisy’ (step 7).

Braid hairstyle that can be done in 1 minute

Hair stylist: Aliya Tuktagulova
Models: Dinara Ganieva, Samira Yunusova
Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko

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